Can't see local files on Roon [Solved]

I can not see local files on Roon although share is enabled. Missing something obvious I guess.

Hi @Ron_Sanders ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. To help me evaluate this issue and understand what could be causing the problem to occur, may I kindly ask you for the following:

  1. A brief but accurate description of your setup as seen here. The more detailed you can be, the better.

  2. A screen grab of your “storage” tab found under settings in Roon.


Yes of course. I’m trying a few things. I suspect it is the set-up that I chose.
I have Roon (all Roon) on a Mac Pro (MacOS Sierra)
My music server is a Mac Mini in the same room ( MacOS El Capitan). Both are connected to the network by ethernet.
The drive with music files is connected to the Mac Mini via FW800. The MacPro accesses the drive through an SMB share. I can see and use drive share with an Auralic Mini in another room.
I often use HQPlayer which is on the Mini.
The Mini has Roon Bridge running- not sure if this is necessary or desirable.

This is embarrassing…it is now working…don’t know why. I’ll send this anyway in case you see any flaws…

Every thing works fine with Tidal.

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Hi @Ron_Sanders ---- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback! Glad to hear you were able to access your music collection :+1: :clap: :tada:

For good measure I took a look at your screenshot (thank you btw) and it looks like you are mounting the network storage correctly :sunglasses:

Happy listening!