Can't set up a new remote with the Core

Roon Core Machine

Macbook mini: M1 (2020), 16GB, Ventura 13.4.1

New Roon Remote: MacBook Pro, Apple M2 Max, 64GB, Ventura 13.4.1

Additional information:

  1. Router is Asus 5300.
  2. All devices are on 5ghz indeed.
  3. ARC is able to access my core via both WiFi and 4G without any issues.
  4. I’ve already deleted Ron app from both devices to follow the advice mentioned in this post: New Macbook can't locate Roon Core (MacMini)
  5. There are currently 20k tracks in the library + tidal membership (tidal not installed on the remote)
  6. Core is connected to an external DAC which then feeds the active studio monitors

I uninstalled the Roon app on the Core machine, changed the name of the Roon backup folder to initiate a fresh back up start, but somehow when I reinstall and login with my credentials, it seems to pick up the original back up. I’ve done the same on the remote as well (uninstall & reinstall)

How can I make sure that Roon app starts with a fresh start (wit no back up restored) ?

As you can see, my original post on this topic is more than two months old, so you can imagine that this is sort of frustrating as a life time member. Appreciate your help on this.


@Osman_Aydogan, did you use Time Machine when setting up the new MacBook?

Hi @Osman_Aydogan,

Just checking on terminology … do you mean “backup” folder or “database” folder?

For a clean restart of Roon it’s the “database” folder that should be renamed.

@Martin_Webster No sir, I didn’t use Time Machine.

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Hi @Carl Thanks for checking. Now it works, appreciate the clarification and the support.


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