Change from Synology 916+ to 1621+

Core Machine

Synology 1621+ 4 GB RAM + 32 GB RAM
2 * SSD 480 GB
HDD 4 * 10 TB

Network Details

UniFi Dream Machine Pro
UniFi Switch 24

Audio Devices

Audio Devices

Allo DigiOne Signature mit Shanti-Netzteil
Nubert Soundbar - COAX

Library Size

10.000 Tracks

Description of Issue

I replaced my old Synology 916+ with a new Synology 1621+. All previous hard disks were taken over. To improve the read/write speed, 2 SSD cache with 480 GB were additionally installed.
The Roon-Core is found/recognized, but can not be called.
A window opens and the Roon logo has been running for hours.
Who can help me listen to music again ?
Is the new Synology 1621+ not compatible with Roon ?
What ist the problem ?

Best regards

Hello @Ulrich_Degen,

Thanks so much for getting in touch to let us know the issue you ran into. Sorry about that!

This particular NAS is being successfully used by Roon subscribers as a Core and even Chris Rieke himself was considering it as his next Core (see here).

When you say it cannot be called, could you please share more details? What remote devices are you using with your NAS Core?

Hey @Ulrich_Degen,

I wanted to check in and see where things stand on this issue. Can we still help? :nerd_face:

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