Chord Mojo and DSD256 on Roon Windows

Hi to any Chord Mojo owners out there!

Is anyone able to get DSD256 on Roon for Windows working? I only get static.

DSD128 works fine mostly, I get a pause here and there unfortunately but DSD256 is a no go.

DSD64 is rock solid.

I’m using Chord’s Windows ASIO driver. I just have an Uptone REGEN between the Mojo and PC USB port.

Cheers in advance

Works fine for me :slight_smile: Windows 10 / microRendu / Mojo DSD256

Hi Peter,
Does the Mojo use DoP or native DSD for 256 ?

I used it directly to PC USB before and it worked fine with that too

Mojo can only do DoP

well, the first thing to try is simplify your chain. So I’d remove the REGEN and see if that changes things.

Regen, which btw is to the system just an USB hub, is perfectly capable of handling natively, without any alteration, whatever travels on USB :wink:

Just tried with no hub and still no luck.

It’s not just Roon up-sampling to DSD256 that’s failing but even a DSD256 track from played via DoP to the Mojo results in static. So I don’t think it’s Surface Pro 4 i5 processing power that’s an issue.

Maybe time to raise a support query in the support section :frowning:

Let’s move the thread there and drop a flag for @support.

Cheers Andy.

Hi @support in addition to all of the above

Roon Core is my Surface Pro 4 Win 10 Pro 8gb RAM 256gb SSD

And that’s going to my Chord Mojo via USB which supports DSD256 (DoP) with Chord ASIO drivers installed. DSD256 files don’t work (static) and neither does Roon up-sampling to DSD256.

As mentioned above, DSD128 is a little better with occasional pauses in playback (maybe once in each song) and fortunately no static.

DSD64 is 100% fine.

I’m running Roon Build 223 64 bit.


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I’m going to try another Dac next weekend just to rule out that it’s not the Mojo.

If others have a Mojo and have had an issue with DSD256 please let me know.

In the meantime @support , should my Surface Pro 4 i5 be capable (spec wise) for DSD256 up-sampling? 5th CLANS, precise, minimum


I remember trying DSD-256 with my Mojo connected to an Auralic Aries: static noise is all I was getting
was told by Auralic support that it’s an issue with Mojo

two Aries firmware versions have been released since, but as there’s nothing I care about available in DSD-256… I never tried again (only did during my first week with a Mojo, just out of curiosity, last summer)

no idea if issue is specific to the Aries or to the Mojo

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I’ve read similar things from other Mojo owners across other forums too sadly.

@support what do Auralic mean when they say the Mojo is asking for something extra, here:

Could I be experiencing something similar with Roon on Windows and the Mojo? Maybe you can look at my logs to see what the Dac is doing.

Roon and Chord are partnering on the Mojo’s Poly so there should be a Mojo lying around to test :slight_smile:

FWIW: I have no problems playing DSD256/DoP to a Mojo from a Cubox (Armbian) or a Pi (DietPI).

FWIWA: In the end, I preferred to let the Mojo do its thing by itself without any external upsampling (PCM or DSD).

Understood Rene. I wonder if it’s a problem with the Windows driver USB driver with Roon.

Yes Rob Watts told me not to do any DSP or upsampling too (with all his Dacs) but that’s for another thread :slight_smile:

Would still like to get it working

ok… just tried connecting my Mojo directly via USB to the Mac mini and… DSD-256 from Roon are playing fine :slight_smile:

sorry :frowning:

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Ha lucky you ! yes from the comments I’ve seen on other forums, it’s Windows that some have had issues with DSD256 and Mojo :sob:

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with the weird part of it being… Poly is listed as DSD-512 capable, whilst the Mojo can do DSD-256 max :neutral_face:

so… will the Poly do some sound processing or a fw update for the Mojo is coming?
we’ll see (… in a few months :cry: )

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Lol yep I know but I’m not even THINKING about DSD512 yet. Still trying to get DSD256 and even DSD128 playing without pausing :disappointed:

Hi @dabassgoesboomboom ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Can you please provide me with screen shots of the audio settings you are using in the “device setup” window and of the signal path coming out of Roon when you are trying to play back DSD256.