Chromecast Audio with optical connection to MQA DAC

I’m sending Tidal MQA files via Roon to my Chromecast Audio and then via optical TosLink to my SMSL DO200.

Can’t get the MQA symbol to show up on the DO200, no matter what the settings.

I don’t think Chromecast Audio support MQA streaming. I have 2 of them and never seen anything with an MQA icon while using it

Agree with @Michael_Harris .
I have three CCA units and mqa icon does not show up.


Always get a :heart: for agreeing with me :grin:


This post seems to imply that it should be possible:

Happy to be wrong, but I have two streamers that support MQA and have CCA plugged in via toslink on both and never seen MQA output.

More than happy to be wrong on this though and hopefully you can get it working

You have to send bit perfect signal. One thing to check is if the Chromecast has volume settings that would prevent that.

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