Chromecast burn-in on plasma display

I’m concerned with playing multi-disc sets. So little of the screen changes, it seems like there could easily be burn-in

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Connect a Chromecast Audio direct to your amplifier and bypass the television all together.

I agree that the “Now Playing” screen is definitely not a “Screensaver” - even though that’s what Roon calls it (see the list of keyboard shortcuts accessed by the link at the top right of the Settings screen).

I asked for a true screensaver mode over two years ago. Hopefully it’s on the list of things to do as part of the UI changes that are in development.

I note that @brian has said that there are plans to have a display-only mode for the Chromecast. I hope that this will introduce a true screensaver mode. Not only is it needed for Plasma displays, but with the introduction of OLED screens in TVs, the risk of burn-in is once again back on the agenda in spades.


This is in a room where I already have a chromecast and don’t have or want an amplifier

I would urge Roon to do a pure screensaver, I.e. something to save the screen, and not entertainment. To avoid burn-in, it is sufficient if the display changes very slowly, it doesn’t have to be animated like some of the things we see.

I want a calm environment when I listen. The screensaver should appear static, when you cast an eye on it. It should only appear different when you look again, half an hour later. Like the sun.

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But I just noticed this.
So I take it back, it’s not just to save the screen, the CC thing is fabulous.

But it should still move really slowly, mind.

Even plasma flat screens (of recent vintage, i.e. the last 10 years) don’t suffer from the threat of burn-in. Behind the scenes, even plasma modulates its signal to prevent burn-in. Always was mostly a CRT problem.

Probably a non-issue for LCD screens.

Here’s one of many concurring articles -


I think that’s generally true. But there’s also concern about OLED screens:

Sorry, didn’t know you had an OLED.

I’ve thought more about this.
I think it may be less of a concern than it appears, because each album is less than hour. So except for some icons on the bottom, the display is not really static.

Except if you pause the music, leave the display on, and go to bed.
“If it hurts when you do that, don’t do that.”

Operas can be 4 CDs. Horowitz Live at Carnegie Hall is over 40 discs. I can’t imagine listening to it straight through but there may be people who do

Yes, but how long is needed for burn-in?
I assumed days, not hours.

There’s also the border between the upper and lower parts of the display to think about, I believe. Possibly this can be alleviated by use of the Dark Theme.

I’d like my investment in a TV to last for at least 10 years. and I’m also risk-averse. That’s why I chose a QLED screen over an OLED screen this turn around…

Testing is ongoing here.

I do not understand this! first we have people wanting the cover art displayed on the tv but when they get it they complain about burn in.
Those that are concerned of burn in should not use the feature it is that simple!
What do you do with TV channels with static logos, Xbox or play station games with static graphics etc?


Is there a way to use my Chromecast without it using the screen? Not a gamer and don’t watch much TV

It’s perfectly possible to design a screensaver that displays cover art and minimises the risk of burn-in. Microsoft’s Media Center had it back in 2004:

Get a Chromecast Audio unit. They are not expensive…

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I have Roon running on a Windows 10 computer connected to an OLED TV. It is reasonable to want screensaver mode to actually save my screen.

Where do we send our bill to Roon for damage caused by your displays lack of maturity to work with damaging my OLED Tv?