Chromecast Display Progress Bar Flicker

We, (Roon Retailer) have our Nucleus setup to display on a Sony X555900F as a permanent display. When displaying the images, there’s a flicker happening to the progress bar as the song move along. Interestingly, it’s doesn’t happen on other Sony displays or when looking at it on a web browser. We’ve disabled motion settings on the TV hoping that would resolve it. Any ideas?

Use a different tv sounds the simplest solution.

That would be great if we didn’t build a promo display for displaying Roon and the Nucleus.

Is that the right model number?
I can’t find any references to it.

Hello @Devin_Dahlgren,

Can you please let me know if your Sony TV’s firmware is up to date? We have seen a similar report where the Sony TV was not up to date: (Sony TV Built in Chromecast Display Crashes). Please let me know if that helps.