Chromecast with Google TV display times out

When casting Roon to “Chromecast with Google TV” the display times out around 10 minutes into a queue. After timing out the display only awakens by using the remote control, which is quite inconvenient.

I have this issue as well…

That’s interesting as it was/is a common complaint on The Google/Nest displays, but I use it on my Shield TV Chromecast device all the time with no issues for hour’s at a time.
I wonder if the newer device’s or updates have made them work more like the nest displays

Same here.

I have the same issue. I have a Roon Nucleus and use a Google Chromecast only as a display in my living room. It’ll stop casting after about 10 min or sooner. Don’t think I had this problem before the newest update.

I have the same issue chrome cast times out or if you will stops working and goes to the google screen. Have to go to google home disable display and play completely different song to get display to work, but stop again after around 5 to 20 minutes. I have the chrome cast on a either net connection. This is super frustrating. Help!!!

Same issue w/ Google TV/Chromecast switching to Home Screen after a few minutes, didn’t happen before.

I did find a kludgy workaround. You can search for and download a free screensaver app. In its settings select “Ambient Mode” if you want to continue to use the default CCWGTV screensaver. Then you should be able to increase the time before the screensaver launches.

This is an underlying Android TV setting that is not selectable within the basic CCWGTV settings.

However I still think this is something Roon should fix. There must be some way that Roon’s changing display can trigger CCWGTV to recognize it as an active video. Other music apps that I’ve used don’t have this issue (Amazon Prime, Spotify, TIDAL).

If Roon fixes that, perhaps Roon could add a setting for timing out. But that’s not as important.

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The fix is in this thread.

I have the same issue with a Google TV Chromecast purchased just 2 days ago. First, Roon display plays for like 10 minutes, then I get Ambient mode of Chromecast with a “Roon” large icon left bottom, Roon continues playing for some time more and then stops or becomes unresponsive.

I think indeed that Roon should make the Chromecast believe it’s like a videostream.

Danny Sadly this is an ongoing issue for Google Chromecast (with remote) and Google home devices.
There are ways around it by turning on accessibility features, but it has been a long time since it was reported and little has happened to improve it

“There are ways around it by turning on accessibility features” - I would be glad to hear which ones make the thing more stable. I’m on the brink of putting the whole thing back in the box and exchanging it for a Chromecast V3.

Danny look at the post from Vincent in the post above your first post. The solution is outlined in that post that he links to from Memory.

I also have an Nvidia Shield pro and that works perfectly I have to say.

I used it on my Google Home screen for a while, but it made the touchscreen almost unusable, but it did fix the timeout issue

I never tried it on my my son’s Google TV with Chromecast as he didn’t want me to break anything :grin:

Works like a charm now! Thanks for the directions @Michael_Harris @Vincent_Kennedy

Great news Danny hopefully you can enjoy your cover art now for more than 10 minutes at a time :+1:

I have the same issue.
I understand that Roon can not support all devices all the time (due to constant upgrades and changes), but maybe then it would be OK from Roon not to list those devices as “available displays”, especially since Google TV is not a minor device…
I am solving this problem by using my old Chromecat aling with my Google TV, but this is not a real solution…