Cleaning Up After Initial Library Import


I let Roon do its stuff importing my library , it took a while BUT …

Rock & Pop etc were all fine but Classical well…Virtually all my box sets were split disc by disc .

I know the reason , I use a copy of the library on my External HDD as a source on my Cambridge CXN on USB which simply reads the file structure. To make this more visible virtually all my box sets have annotated CD folders. Ie a box set has 10 discs, CD1 … CD10. In my case CD1 - Piano Sonatas Op 2, additional text to indicate the disc contents

The additional text beyond CD1 etc I assume is seen by Roon as a new Album hence it splits them.

I have found the Merge Album function which works but I am looking at HOURS of work to straighten out my Boxes , I have quite a few. Not to mention splits in composition names .

Some works are split into 2 different name groups eg Goldberg Variations. I have yet to find a way to merge these.

Is there any shortcut to doing this. I have no desire to “un annotate” my folders as I will still on occasions run direct from HDD (we suffer many electrical storms in summer in South Africa, to save electronics we shut down virtually everything and run essentials on a UPS)

At this stage my library is so disjointed that I cannot sensibly use it , I am still using my existing JRiver Library.

I really want Roon to work but at the moment it looks like serious hard work ahead which was not the original intent


Hey @Mike_O_Neill – sorry to hear you’re having problems here.

Can you give me a few additional pieces of information – I think with some more information I may be able to better advise you on next steps here.

Can you give me the full path of a few discs/sets here? Are all the discs in a given box contained in a single folder?

Also, for some of these boxes, can you drop me some screenshots for what you see under View File Info > File Tags? (screenshot instructions are at the end of this post)

Alternatively, feel free to drop a few representative files into Dropbox and PM me a link. Common album and album artist tags are critical for “clumping” to work properly, meaning the process by which Roon groups files into albums, so that’s what I want to understand here.

There’s more information here as well, if you haven’t seen it already. Thanks!

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