Click between continuous tracks : FLAC / Windows 10 Pro / Meridian [Solved]

Playing my (early) Marillion albums at an “appropriate” volume this Friday afternoon and I’ve noticed a pop / click between the tracks - which shouldn’t be there - all the albums are a continual mix of tracks.

This is very annoying because it completely upsets the mood / music / atmosphere / continuity - and although there’s a lot of clever electrickery in my Meridian DSP speakers there’s the (hopefully irrational) concern of damage.

To be quite honest, with things like this, the (new) lag in Remote response / connection, the ever ongoing Metadata issues and the multitude of other problems that other users are experiencing, I’m getting a bit fed-up & losing my patience.
This stuff should have been tested & sorted out before release : we - the customers - should not be your testers.

On reading your post and knowing we have very similar setups
(I have: Win 10, Roon, Meridian 861v6+ID40, DSPs)
I’ve just played the whole of Script and Fugazi …, each track seamlessly ran into the next one, not a pop / glitch at all … Perfect playback.

So I wonder what’s going on with your system … most odd … I suggest an incremental reboot of devices. Also try re-analysing the tracks as Roon uses that data for seamless playback across tracks.

I agree there’s scope to improve the Metadata lookup, but it’s not terrible and it is improving. I can’t comment about remote lag as I’m using an iPadAir2 and it’s super slick. I think you’re being a bit harsh on Roonlabs … but I’ve been working with them testing / giving input on the direction for over a year now … which of course does influence my stance.

PS I was at the Cropredy music festival a couple of weeks ago … Fish was excellent best set of the event.

Hi @rolski,
Is your ID41 firmware up to date ? V 163?

I thought he updated it recently [as posted on MeridianUnplugged] … but it’s worth getting confirmation.

Yep, ta, am on v163.

Everything works fine through my Squeezeboxes, which makes this all the more disappointing…

Hey @rolski – I’d like to get a look at the media here, to see if I can reproduce this issue. I’ll send you a PM.

Sorry for the trouble!

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