Clipped clicking with AAC format since last update

I am getting clipped and clicky audio with low bit rate AAC that’s being upsampled by default to 24bit in the new version, never had an issue before and MP3 is ok

These are my own files too not from of Tidal. Any ideas what I can do?

Running Rock on a Mock.

Update the ffmpeg file.

I’m on latest.

@support this needs a look.

Ok this seems to be so far limited to the squeezebox radio not my other endpoints, possibly it can’t hack 24bit?

And today it’s not doing it at all. I did reboot my rock last night maybe that cleared it or the files yesterday are suspect. Will have to try those ones again to see.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3 ---- Thank you for the report an sharing your feedback with us. The insight is appreciated!

I wanted to check in and see how things continue to hold up after the mentioned reboot in your previous post. Let me know and if further troubleshooting is required I will be glad to assist.


Thanks for checking in Eric. Will let you know if it happens again.

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I’m having this problem with a native Linux server Debian 9.5 on both my Kodi/LibreElec front end and a Raspberry Pi B with a HiFiBerry. This wasn’t an issue until this version (334).

I use no DSP processing except for volume on the Kodi front end.

My FLAC files all play fine (including 96/24 bit) but AAC from Tidal clips constantly on tracks with any energy.

To verify the issue I was “forced” to upgrade my Tidal account. Once upgraded, all the clipping went away completely.

I haven’t tested with other lossy compression like MP3.

The upgrade to Tidal was worth it, so even this cloud has a silver lining!

No good if you have local files as AAC though, which I do :frowning:

All – Just reaching out to let you know we’ve just released an update that addresses this issue. Please update to build 339 and let us know if you have any issues.

You can read more about the update here:

We genuinely appreciate your patience here!

Kind regards,

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