Cocktail Audio N15

I am trying out Roon using Synology DS916+ with 8GB of memory and external SSD for database. I am looking for a network streamer. I am looking at the Cocktail Audio N15. I would feed the digital out to my Marantz AV8003 premap and the analog out to my 2 channel amp that feeds my patio speakers. I can find very little reviews online for the Cocktail Audio N15 and was checking to see if any Roon users have tried it or bought it. Thanks.

I dont think Roon will see the Cocktail Audio as a streamer… maybe if it has a USB interface to its DAC perhaps it will work, but normally for a network streamer to be seen by Roon it must be Roon Ready … something that I am not aware about for the Cocktail Audio devices.

It is on the Roon Ready Network Streamer list publishef by Roon.

Oh…never noticed or saw anyone using here before…there doesn’t appear to be an Audio product thread for it either.

I stand corrected :blush:

Yes, but it’s a wee bit worrying that Roon gets no mention either on the Cocktail Audio website or in the manuals for the supposedly Roon Ready products either, as far as I can see…

That is a worry…I’m sure it’s not a trivial amount of effort to implement, so I wonder why they don’t make it a bit more of a feature.

The information on their website hasnt been updated since 2017 looking at the model i was interested in as it says available 2017. Strange. I found on review so far. Thanks.

I agree. Not advertising it at all. Thanks

While I don’t have hands on experience, I’ve looked into Cocktail Audio devices in the past, and I do recall seeing the ROON Ready designation last year. It does appear that there are two Cocktail Audio companies though - one is UK based and the other Chinese.

If i recall correctly (and I doubt I could find the source now) the Chinese company did contract manufacturing for the UK company and somewhere in their agreement they also had rights to sell Cocktail Audio devices in some regions. When I looked last year, there was some product overlap, but the two Cocktail Audio’s had clearly been doing their own product development.

Confusing? Absolutely!

I agree very confusing. I found Novafidelity and Cocktail Audio appear to be the same. Thanks.


@mike - what’s the story here, please?

If I follow the links from the Roon Labs page, I end up at the Cocktail Audio (Korea) site. There, there’s no reference to Roon anywhere on the site or in the products.

However, there’s also a Cocktail Audio (UK) site. This does refer to some products being Roon Ready, but they are not the products listed on the Roon Labs page.

The Novafidelity name is new subsequent to my interest, head scratching and general confusion last year. Hopefully this means there’s still life in this company.

When I see this sort of thing on the Novafidelity web site, I am not much comforted…


Thanks. Any experience with Bluesound Node 2 or Audio Alchemy DMP-1?


There’s lots of experience of the Node 2 on the forum - just do a quick search. I have one and it also seems generally very well regarded - some (?the majority) use the internal DAC, others an external. Some of us are experiencing sync issues when grouped with other devices (various threads on this, firmware update awaited) but that aside mine has been very stable. Any specific questions? Can’t speak for the Audio Alchemy.

I understand that the Node can output digital/analog at the same time, as per your requirements but havent tested it.

So I can have the analog output and digital output both active at the same time with the Node 2 so I can play the same music indoor with digital signal as outdoors with the analog signal. Thanks.


On the site that Roon Ready takes you i found firmware downloads for N15. Oct 20, 2017 adds MQA playback along with other things. May 15, 2017 firmware adds Roon Ready along with some other items. Looks like to me they haven’t updated their website to reflect the Roon Ready and MQA playback. Really strange. Thanks.


I had a N15D for one day and then sent it back. Roon kept losing control of the device wenn I skipped tracks … I do not unterstand how this can happen with a roon ready streamer. Bluesound Node 2 and OPPO UDP-203 work fine …

That also happens with other Roon-ready products like KEF LSX.

I now have a Teac NT-505 and am very happy with it :smiley: