Cocktail audio X35 converting DSD in PCM

Roon Core Machine

Mac Book Air M1 2020, 4gb RAM, OS Monterey 12.2.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet LAN, Gigabit switch.

Connected Audio Devices

Cocktailaudio X35, internal DAC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Trying to reproduce DSF 64 files hosted in external drive connected via USB to the Cocktail audio X35, there’s a conversion in PCM made by Roon before the Roon ready device. The reprodcucing DSD strategy on X35 is setted on “DSD native”. “Fixed volume” and “passthrough” are also selected on the digital out options of X35.
How could the problem be solved?

Are you connected via USB? Is that the interface you have enabled in Roon. I’m not seeing ASIO or ALSA which I’d expect when using USB.

Its a Roon Ready device Henry its not using USB

So you definitely have it set to Native DSD in the X35 settings menu

option according to your USB Audio DAC spec. -. DSD(DoP): This is for the USB DAC which receive ‘DoP signal’ instead of ‘DSD Native
signal’ -. DSD(Native): This is for the USB DAC which can receive ‘DSD Native signal’ -. PCM: This is for the USB DAC which can receive ‘PCM signal’ only

I did find another post similar to this unsolved from 2020

Might be wise to show screen grabs of Roons device setings for the x35 and show us the device in the audio settings section.

Sorry, saw USB and made an assumption!

Hi, thanks I read that unsolved topic too…
Below, the screenshot of device audio setting on Roon.
As you can see, there is no option regarding DSD.
No DSP setting is used.
Firmware of the device is 1780, the latest.
Thank you

I’d contact cocktail.sudio and ask what they got certified by roon.

Those settings explain why it’s converting as that’s what it’s telling Roon it supports just up to 192/24 pcm. So either some setting on the device is stopping it seeing anything else or they never got it certified for higher which seems odd.

There was a refernce to the device not accepting native dsd over the network.

Won’t stream DSD through the network - will need to be uploaded to the hard disc or run from an external hard disc.

Which sounds like what is happening.

The Manual for the device says it does except DSD over network up to DSD256 so that’s counter intuitive.

Edit. Actually it seems that this bit refers to multiroom. But I can’t find anything in the manual that states it’s local playback only.

The files are stored in an external hd connected via usb to the x35, wich can play them in native dsd if I use it’s own interface instead of Roon

I would suggest contacting their tech support for clarity.

I have a CA X50D and I had encountered this DSD problem since 2021 and until now no solution from CA or Roon. And yes, I wondered how CA gets Roon Ready certified.

Really sad to hear this…
What did they reply to your questions? Did they tried together with cocktail audio to find a solution?

Sure, and this is exactly what I did writing this post, as it’s not a device problem, it’s a Roon problem, already known and still unsolved.

IMHO, unacceptable for a “Roon ready” certified device and for a software that has a clear audiophile target.

Waiting hopefully for a technically argued response from the Roon staff support.

At that time, I had a Denafrips Pontus II DAC and with either USB or i2S HDMI, both has its issue. After several emails back and forth, CA said they will get hold of a Pontus to test and will get it fix. Unfortunately, even with the last R1780 firmware, the issue is not fixed. I gave up, and moved on to Esoteric N-05XD.

No it’s up to Cocktail Audio as they code and integrate Roons code into their hardware/software stack and they choose what to allow Roon to work with. If the device does only support DSD from local playback and not over network then it is a hardware limitation that Roon cannot overcome.

Can you play DSD via UPnP to the device and know your getting it native? I understand your frustration but I would contact Cocktail Audio as it’s their product and they will confirm or deny the state of things.

Technically you are right.

But as a customer of a paid service (which makes of the audiophile consumer one of its commercial target and places the “Roon ready” brand on a product), I expect it, once the problem is known, to communicate in first person with the manufacturer and cooperate with him to fix it or, alternatively, remove his “Roon ready” certfication from the product.

Reading from other users that the problem has been known for some years and has never been resolved saddens me a lot and makes me reflect on the usefulness of renewing the subscription to a service that does not allow me to make the best use of my device.

Still remains hope that Roon staff thinks my issue deserves attention.

You aren’t interpreting Roon ready correctly. Roon ready means it will use Raat and to a set of roon and manufacturer settings. Roon doesn’t dictate which sub-set of the device capabilities to certify, that’s up to the manufacturer.

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