Compare versions of your favorite albums - How?

The new release says you can compare versions of albums. Can someone please tell me how to do this? Maybe I am missing something. I’m on the Album page where we used to have the versions tab, but I don’t see a way to compare versions.

Compare versions of your favorite albums

Roon’s album page has always featured a “Versions” tab where you could find other editions of an album, including those from your own music library, TIDAL, and Qobuz. In our latest update, we’ve completely redesigned this view, making it even easier to compare versions in your library and beyond. Whether you’re looking for an expanded edition with bonus tracks or want to listen to an even higher-quality version, Roon lets you do this in a couple of clicks.

Have updated the device you are using to look to version 831?

Thanks the reboot of my laptop did it. Of course I was expecting the format like the picture :grinning:. The new versions are better with the update.

The format you show is actually not in the update? I see a version tab after updaten but `i saw that exactly the same before update and nothing is new!

What’s in the update is essentially the 3 version panels in the picture linked earlier, but stitched together vertically (instead of horizontally). The grouping and how the info is displayed, is not exactly as in the earlier release, but it’s easy to miss it :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand how this makes comparing any easier. I use the versions tab quite often to A/B different masterings, and there is nothing different about how this can be done. It still just lists all versions with your library versions on top and the streaming versions below. Local versions have a location address on the main page, but that doesn’t really change the game.

Can someone please help explain how this really changes anything other than a slight cosmetic readjustment?

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Okay, I see, thanks. Differences are indeed easily overlooked but I see it now. Just a bit better differentiating between library, qobuz and tidal (I have both).
Thanks, Jan