Complete List of Roon Extensions [Available]

Is there a complete and comprehensive list of ALL the Roon Extensions?


Not to my knowledge. I check from time to time, just because I imagine that any developer who writes roon extensions will post them there.

I’m curious to find out if there are any more!

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If this is something Roon supports, it would make sense for them to at least create a sticky with a list of Extensions. Not mandatory but more like common courtesy.

To go a step above, why not have them listed ‘In Roon’ so users can just enable them ie install them from Roon.

Don’t treat the Extensions like a Step-Child.:persevere:


I agree it would be useful to have some list of extensions inactive development.

If nothing more it might stop a duplicate of effort by people seeking to make an extension. I mean, there are so many reasons why Roon needs to get on the ball and take care of this…

I started a community project to simplify extension distribution. The Extension Repository doesn’t include all that is available but I try to get as many as possible in.

There are two primary methods for extension distribution, the first is source level distribution via npm/GitHub, the second is “package” distribution via DockerHub. The Extension Manager currently only supports the first method but I am working on an update to also support Docker containers, allowing more extensions to be included.

I might repurpose the Repository page of the Wiki, to list all existing extensions and provide at least a link if it is not directly supported by the manager. Would like to hear if this is considered useful. Alternative location would be the Roon Knowledge Base…


I created one!

I think that it is pretty complete, but if one is missing and should be added, just let me know.


This is helpful, thanks Jan!


I updated the extension list as there have been some new ones recently.

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A new extension for Surface Dial :

Not yet, but rooDial will come soon. Still testing in my home in production environment.
Thanks for the hint

Here’s my favourite extension by far. Roon remote for the Apple TV. Loving it.

Now it is available, see here

The extension list has been updated again, quite a few new ones since the previous update:

  • Apple TV
  • Entrypoints
  • Home Assistant
  • Queue Bot
  • rooDial
  • TAG McLaren Audio Source Control

There are now 26 extensions in the Extension Repository and a total of 34 extensions listed!

CC: @DrCWO, @Geoff_Coupe



If you want to you can add this one to your list, it was created around a year or so ago as a fork from another extension.

Hi Jan,
I have a new Roon Extension for your list. Thanks for entering it :slight_smile:
rooUPnP: Finally a Roon Extension for UPnP Streamers - Audio Products - Roon Labs Community

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Included in list.

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Stupid question but if i run my core on a small green computer how do i go about installing extensions?

Hi @Hugo_Sharp

Best DrCWO