Composition list is bad for a song, database error? [The Real Book]

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On the track list view there is a small disc icon with numbers. I understand this shows the different versions of the track. Now, browsing through the album Nothing But The Best from Frank Sinatra, all tracks have several thousand versions. The Girl from Ipanema has 2586, and by clicking on it is brings up The Real Book, which I really don’t know what it is? It includes the song I wanted but definitely not only that one, many other jazz songs are included of a similar type.

Hi @Arpad_Beszedes

Thanks for pointing this out. We discovered this issue yesterday and are actively working on a fix (which is currently in test).

The problem was triggered by the recent (2022-10-27) addition of The Real Book – a “meta-work” of extremely popular Jazz standards – to the MusicBrainz database, and it caught out our multi-part composition assignment code. :frowning:

As well as fixing the problem, rest assured that we’ll also be adding some additional checks into our metadata build systems to make sure that we don’t get bitten by this again.

Please note that it will take a few days for everything to flush through our systems: realistically, things should be fully back to normal next week, but I’ll post updates here. Thanks in advance for your patience and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused!


Update: This is now fixed for content not already in your library (i.e. when browsing). For in-library content, it can take up to a week to be updated.

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The fix is confirmed for non-library content. Thanks.

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