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When click the 3 dots for some songs, there is no Go to composition option, even after adding a composer to the credit.

How can I add compositions for them?

Thanks for the link. So horrible implementation and spaghetti code

The problem here seems to be that Roon’s core architecture came before streaming services were included, so there remains a disconnect between stuff in the library and stuff that isn’t. Some of this I suppose is fixable, some may be difficult because a home Roon core can’t hold the complete metadata of TiVo and Musicbrainz in the database, just for stuff that was added to the library. There are many annoyances stemming from this disconnect and we can only hope that some of it can be rearchitectured, but it’s not necessarily a sign of poor code quality.

E.g., things like this as well:

Or this:

A more fundamental discussion is here

Mine has nothing to do with streaming services. All songs are from local files and of course they all in library. And it’s very weird. I have songs

  • with compositions but without composers
  • without compositions/composers initially, but have compositions after manually adding composers
  • without compositions for whatever

I know, but I suppose it’s still related to early architecture decisions in some way that play a role in the library/non-library disconnect as well. You see the same thing as so many others before you, like I described in the first post I linked and the older threads linked from there. As far as anyone found out, the composition property must come from the metadata providers and can’t be added by users if it doesn’t. Adding a composer to the track does not help, but adding another album to the library that contains another performance of the same composition, which happens to have the composition property from the metadata provider, can add this property to the performances where it was previously missing before. But might not always help.

Super annoying and there should be a way to manually add this, or to manually merge a track into a composition and thereby adding the composition property

Roon shipped with Tidal integrated.

OK I thought I had read otherwise. And doesn’t some of the architecture still stem from Sooloos? (It appears in the logs often enough)

In this case, it’s just bad architecture or a glaring terrible bug that was left unaddressed for years. Roon’s advertising says that it can show cover versions of songs and performances of compositions and it’s just not true far too often. I need tags to track the missing compositions of my favorite artists. Missing the property in metadata is one thing, not allowing the user to add it is silly

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