Connecting a Gold Note DS 10

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Xfinity modem-router.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Gold Note DS 10.

Description Of Issue
Installed Roon core on PC and works great.
Confirmed everything is on the same network.

iPad Pro using Mconnect software not recognizing Roon.

Thanks for your help.

Are you asking how to connect it or reporting a problem?

It’s unclear as you didn’t put in any further info.

It’s advertised as being Roon Ready, so it should show up as an endpoint.

Thanks for the reply.
Just took delivery of the Gold note. The app is rudimentary when comparing to my previous Aurender fabulous Conductor app so thought I would try Roon.
I downloaded the app and paid for the trial but it does not show the Gold Note when searching. Same network. Not much help from the dealer so thought I would reach out here.

I should say, up front, I’m not Roon support. I’m just another user.

Is the DS 10, as stated in their advert, truly Roon Ready? I.e., what does the manual state?

Settings==>Audio doesn’t show the device?

Huh!? There’s no charge for Roon trial.

OK, guess I’ll tag @support for you, then. :wink:

Are you using the Roon app on your tablet?

Hello @Russ_Glide,

Try the following steps to enable the Gold Note zone in Roon.

A) Tap the menu button in the top left hand corner of the Roon app.

B) Scroll down the left side menu to “Settings”.

C) Go to the “Audio” tab.

D) Enable the Gold Note DS 10 zone.

We cannot guarantee that the Gold Note DS 10 will work when using the Roon Ready input, as it has not been certified yet. If you run into issues with the Roon Ready input, you should use the Airplay input instead.


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Thanks… the second the app gets started it goes to a search mode so I can’t get to the settings menu

Hello @Russ_Glide,

Your iPad should offer you the option to select another core if it is stuck in searching mode. Give this button a tap and it should show your Roon Core instance on your PC.

Additionally, if the “searching” process does not find a RoonCore on the network, it should provide the option to enter the IP address of your Roon Core manually.


Thanks for the tips. Operator error as usual😊

Just wondered about the volume control. The Goldnote offers a analog volume control which is one of the reasons I am auditioning the player.

I may be looking at the Cary DMS 600 which checks all the boxes except it has a digital volume control and I am trying to do away with a analog preamp.

If I set the the Cary at 100 and use Roon for volume control will I have the possible truncation of the signal at lower levels? Not sure how that works

Thanks again for the prompt responses especially on the Holiday.


Hello @Russ_Glide,

If you have the Cary Audio set to 100% volume, I would not expect that any truncation of the digital signal would be occurring. When using the device with Roon Ready streaming, Roon will be controlling the device’s master volume level, not performing any software volume beforehand. As far as how the volume control itself is implemented, I recommend you reach out to Cary Audio for further information.


Hi. I have a Gold Note DS10 on trial. I’m a Nucleus + user. Roon recognises the DS10 as an IS 100 which is a different Gold Note product. The DS 10 ought to be able to play DSD natively but Roon downsamples to PCM 192.


Hi @John_Scott1,

The Gold Note DS10 is not yet certified, please see @john’s post above:

Once certification is complete we can circle back to see if you have the same issue, but for the time being we can’t make any guarantees of what will or will not work via the Roon Ready input. Thanks!

So being described as Roon Ready doesn’t actually mean that it is Roon Ready? Do you have a timeline for the certification being competed?

Hi @John_Scott1,

The Gold Note DS 10 is still pending certification, it is not Roon Ready yet and until this is completed we can’t comment on the Roon Ready capabilites. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a timeline for certification, the best place to receive updates on the certification would be to reach out to the manufacturing company (Gold Note).

id like to know if you have any news about DS-10 certification.

Thank you very much

Same here. Is there an update on this?

Hello All,

As per policy, we cannot comment on the status of ongoing Roon Ready certifications.


Hi all. Just to let you know, there is a new update for the DS-10 which you can download from the Gold Note website. It says it adds “ Roon upgraded version”. I’ve just downloaded it and it works fine on my DS-10. Not sure if this means that it is officially Roon Ready. But it must be close.

Because I’m interested in the DS-10:
Is the DS-10 able to play DSD native until DSD512 as endpoint?