Connecting a TEAC NT505 Endpoint

Hi all and thanks in advance for any help.

I have the Core on my Mac Desktop and use the external computer speakers which shows up as “Office Mac”.

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to set up a connection to my TEAC NT505 which is downstairs in my living room and attached to decidedly better speakers.

Can someone please explain how that is done and what the proper settings are so I can control it with my iPhone/iPad/Windows laptop as remotes?

Thanks again. Wyatt

I don’t own a TEAC, but many use it successfully as a Roon Ready endpoint.

If your Core machine and the TEAC are on your network, then the TEAC should show uo in Settings==>Audio.

Enable it.

Hi Slim, thanks. Okay, I have updated the firmware. Roon is still not seeing the NT. Perhaps this is beyond a dopey question, but I’m attempting to do this wirelessly - is that even possible? My core is on a Mac in my upstairs office. The network setup is in the bedroom across the hall, but my sound system is downstairs in the living room. My intention was to use my iPhone as the remote to listen to Roon downstairs. But when I play Roon through my phone, it will only play on my computer upstairs. Maddening.

I don’t think the TEAC has wireless capability. Does it have WiFi antennas? If not, then no.

I did a quick scan of the web site and I didn’t see anything that talked about WiFi, only Bluetooth.

Dunno, I don’t have one.

Yes, that seems to be what I am learning myself. Not sure what to do.I am now going to research if there is a wifi dongle that might work.
Thanks for your help.

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UPDATE: Okay, I have now updated my NT505 firmware to the latest version, BUT I have also learned that it does not have wi-fi (only wired ethernet) and just Bluetooth connectivity. SO, the only way short of moving my system upstairs, which isn’t happening, is to run an ethernet cable through the floor from my network to the NT - also not happening. Which leads me to inquire about Bluetooth. How do I connect my Core on my desktop to my NT505? Neither seems to recognize the other - are they just too far away?

I suspect they are too far away. You can set an iOS device as an Roon endpoint, but whether you can then stream via bluetooth to the TEAC I don’t have personal experience, but it might be worth a try. It may not be ideal, and you won’t be able to stream hi-res AFAIK.

Depending on your house layout, you may be able to use a long length of flat Cat6 ethernet cable to make the connection - that’s what I have to run from the router in one room to a switch near the equipment rack in another. It blends into the woodwork pretty well, but most importantly it works.

Thanks. I have been trying to stream Roon through my iPhone BT, but it will only play through my Core computer upstairs. That was part of what was driving this thread - I could not get Roon to play downstairs through my nicer sound system. I thought it was because I needed to set up the TEAC properly - but clearly that isn’t the case. Now I need to figure out how to get Roon to work through the iPhone to my TEAC system, which wasn’t working wither, but should…sheesh. As far as running the cable, it would require me to drill into the wall or floor and fish tape it through and I am SOOOO reluctant to do that. Let me ask though, were I to have the balls to do that, I would probably have to run a good 50 to 75 feet of cable at least, will it degrade the signal at those lengths? Thanks. Wyatt

Assuming you have a good WiFi signal where you want to use your Teac a WiFi extender with an Ethernet connection might be worth a try before starting to drill.


Do they make a wifi extender with an ethernet port? I have used wi fi extenders in the past and I don’t recall that, but I may have used a simpler model or not even looked since I wasn’t looking for that.I am going to check now. Thanks for the lead!

Wow! My extended in the bsmt DOES have it! I am going to move it to the living room and give it a shot. You might be my hero, Tim! Thanks!

TIM!! You’re a genius! It worked and I can now control my living room system and office core from both my office desktop AND my iPhone. Now I have to order another extender before my wife realizes hers is gone!!

Good that worked. Another option if you need/want wired without drilling is ethernet over power.

Glad you got it working.


Try to run it on 2.4GHZ, this band has a better reach with stronger signal compared to 5 GHZ.