Teac NT-505 working with Roon?

Hi folks,

my NT-505 with latest firmware (V1.21 -> Roon Ready !!) is on the Core (V1.6 on Win10/64bit PC) only detected as an Airplay device not as a Roon device.
So it is limited to 44,1kHz/16bit and I get some dropouts while music listening.
The music is coming from a Qnap HS251 on the same switch like the NT-505.
With Minimserver it is no problem, just with Roon.
I’ve rebooted the Core PC, the network, the TEAC with no success.
@support do you have any solution for this case?

Best regards

When it comes to @support, nobody seems to have a solution after nobody answers.
The same problem seems to be with the request: About managing audio devices from shunichi_saiwai.
So far, he has no meaningful help with a solution.
Does anyone have any ideas? Would be very grateful.
Greetings Joerg

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In addition to the system firmware, you need to use the TEAC HR Streamer app to update the network firmware to 11.1e.

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It is updated to this version since a month. I did my homework. :wink:

Hello @Joerg,

Can you post a screenshot of the “About” page for your TEAC NT-505 from the TEAC HR Streamer app? In addition, some further information about your network would be helpful in diagnosing this issue. What make/model router are you using? Are there any switches or mesh devices in-between the Core and the TEAC NT-505?


Hi John @support ,

nice to hear from you.

At first the “About” screenshot:

Everything thing how it should be.

Now the network situation:

Roon Core is on JB-2 (Win 10/64 bit, i7 with 32 Gb RAM, 500 Gb M.2 SSD) but the intention is to transfere Roon to a Nuc with Rock next time.
Between the Repeater (AVM Fritzbox 7490) and my devices works a 8-Port Gigabit Switch (D-Link DGS108, audiophil tuned by Aqvox Audio Devices).
“Sound” is a QNAP HS-251-NAS as data source.
My Oppo is not in the listing, because it is powered off and there are no problems.
Everything is properly working except the detection of TEAC NT-505, which should not be only a Airplay device, cause the TEAC should play HiRes-files too with Roon.
Straight from the NAS with Minimserver or KAZOO or HR-Player no probs.
Maybe a TEAC firmware/driver problem because of the second case in this support area - I wrote about above (About managing audio devices).


Do this experiment:

  1. Shutdown the Roon Core / Windows 10 machine and power down NT-505
  2. Move the Roon Core physically to make a direct wired network connection to the switch
  3. Power up the Roon Core
  4. Wait for Roon to start up
  5. Power up the NT-505

Your AirPlay dropout is caused by WiFi.

Hi Peter and @support ,

the Problem imho is not the Wifi, cause it’s proper working with Linn and Oppo. Problem is detection as Airplay device and Airplay is limited at 44,1kHz 16bit and so it is not possible to play Hires music.
Teac should be detected as normal Roon device like Oppo and Linn. This three devices are wired at the same switch.
Sorry, the wired connection from Core to Switch is in my room situation impossible. It is how it is.
If Teac would be really Roon Ready it should be detected and work as my other devices and not only via Airplay. That’s my opinion.

In knowledge base they write:

Networking Best Practices

Recommended Setups

For apartments to medium sized homes

If your home can be covered comfortably with a single WiFi access point, that is what we recommend. This is a simple setup that rarely goes wrong. Find a powerful 802.11ac router with a WiFi access point built in. Asus RT-AC3100, Netgear Nighthawk, or something comparable, and if possible, try to configure it in a central location.

and another:

Roon’s Core can be completely separated from the audio gear without compromises in functionality on either end.

Buy that noisy i7, tuck it in a closet far away from the listening area, provide it with power and network connectivity, and forget about it. While the centralized Core does the heavy lifting, audio devices can be simpler, lighter-weight, more reliable, and less electrically noisy.

So, this is how Roon should work with every devices.

Regards Joerg

Hello @Joerg,

After doing some research into this issue, it appears that the AVM Frtizbox 7490 has some known issues with multicast routing and discovery. Some users report that rolling the firmware back to 6.30 resolved their issue. Here are some relevant discussion posts that are available on other forums



That confirms my suspicion that the Fritzbox is the culprit - hence the experiment I proposed, in order to get the multicast on a known-good wired network.

Hi folks @support,

I think you don’t understand my real problem - I have no probs with Minimserver! The links above report Minimserver problems, which I don’t have. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Please read what I’ve done.
I’ve made an investment in a Nuc Core.
The Nuc is wired at the same switch as Linn, Oppo and Teac. No Wifi between, no influence from AVM Frtizbox 7490.
What is the result??
Linn and Oppo well detected, Teac only as restricted Airplay device.
Changed the whole topology and have the same result as before. :frowning_face:
So, for me the problem is the so called “Roon Ready” Teac and nothing else.
Now I’m looking forward to your answer.


Are other RAAT devices working? Or are you unable to see any RAAT endpoints?

RAAT requires a properly functioning multicast network, so if other protocols are working (like Airplay, or Linn) but RAAT is not, that points to the multicast issues John mentioned above regarding these Fritzbox routers.

We’ve traced lots of issues to these Fritzbox routers, so that’s where I would look first – assuming I’m understanding the symptoms correctly, this could definitely be related to the router’s documented multicast issues.

And If I’m not understanding the symptoms correctly, please let me know. Thanks!

Hi @support

are these RAAT devices? I think so, but please correct me, if I’m wrong.


Here you can see again Oppo and Linn devices as endpoints and Teac only as Airplay.
And I repeat it extra: Nuc Core, Oppo, Linn and Teac are wired at the same D-Link switch
and the Oppo and the Linn streamer are working with Roon without any problems.

Here you can see how a hires file is down converted for the Teac, because the Teac is only detected as Airplay device and not Roon Ready how it should be after upgrading network and device firmware.

I had a call with the guys from AVM/Fritzbox. There is only one buttom to activate the multicasting in the router configuration and this is active.
And to downgrade the router firmware to former version 6.30 how it is described in the forum links above would make no sense because of dsl functionality and security reasons.
The latest firmware, which I have installed, should have full multicast functionality, they said.

And so I stand here in the same situation as before even though I’ve changed the Core to fully wired network installation.
If you need further information, please let me know.

Have a nice day.

Addition: Is @shunichi_saiwai using the same network gear? Because he has the same problem.
So what is “the culprit” with him?

Hello @Joerg,

We appreciate the extensive detail in your latest report, the more information we have to work with the quicker we’ll be able to come to a solution for this behavior you are seeing. I am including this latest information in your internal support ticket and will be talking with the development team later today about the next steps. Thank you for your patience and effort while we continue to investigate this issue.


Hi John @support,

sounds good for the moment. I am excited which way it will continue.

I wish you a nice weekend and hope for a solution next days.


Hello folks @support,
I’m very, very glad that my problem with the Teac is solved.
@wklie gave a tip in an other thread.
The solution to the problem was a lack of activation in a slightly out of the way configuration menu of the HR-Player-App for the Teac. There was Roon set to disabled.
I’ll thank you very much for your support and patience.
Best Regards


Hi Joerg. How is the Teac soundwise? It looks very tempting streamer, dac and preamp all in one.

Hi Martin,
I can recommend the NT-505 with good conscience. With two AKM’s (4497 - one for each channel) the Teac sounds great.
It only lacks an analogue input (phono?), otherwise it is perfect for me. Just use it as source for my headphone amplifier.
Best regards


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