Connecting Nucleus to Peachtree nova 300 with USB

Once I launch the Roon app (and I have uninstalled and downloaded and reinstalled this) This is waht I get when I am searching for Roon devices. The power button is illuminated and the ethernet port has two green LEDs when facing the rear of the Nucleus the right one is blinking.

Hi @Michael_Mosby,

Can you please connect the Nucleus’ HDMI output to a Monitor or a TV and post a screenshot of what it shows? It should display a BIOS page similar to the following:

Note: A TV may truncate the text due to Overscan so I highly suggest connecting it to a monitor if possible.

I’ve searched the listed IP address in my browser and nothing loads, also, I get no ping response from this IP

Hi @Michael_Mosby,

It’s fairly atypical to see a 192.168.11.XXX address, can you confirm that your Macbook is using the same subnet range? If you open the Network Dialog it should tell you the current IP address of your Macbook.

Has this Nucleus been previously set to static IP? Does rebooting it change anything?

@Michael_Mosby -
Yes, that looks like a static IP issue.
No worries, I will private message you next steps.

Would be interested to see a progress report once you get it working.

Hi Tom, and thanks for the follow up. It appears that it was an issue with a static IP address I assigned to the Nucleus during setup. I was able to reset the network to its original settings and it was immediately recognizable. I’m in the process of my initial setup and assigning storage folders and am certain I will be a frequent visitor to this forum. You guys have been really helpful!

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Hi @Michael_Mosby,

Glad to hear that you’re up and running since resetting those network settings and happy to help!

Hope you enjoy the Nucleus and if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to the Community, take care!

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