Connection issue on NUC12

See …

So most likely a local connection issue or faulty unit.


suggests that things aren’t always plain sailing with this particular network controller. Not Roon/ROCK’s problem but this does seem to signal an issue.


Yes, it’s not simple… I’ve seen quite a few references to this particular NUC model on this forum, which would lead me to believe quite a few are using it without issue.

The issues that I’ve read seem to be centered around ASUS motherboards. I cannot determine what MB the NUC has, but it very well could be ASUS (Intel doesn’t make motherboards, do they)? This could be a MB issue, a firmware issue, an NVM issue:

It could be a cable issue, or interaction with the switch auto speed negotiation. It could be a driver issue in ROCK. Or just a bad unit.

It’s easy to say “just go get another ethernet cable and try it”. However I have been in frustrating situations like this in the past and I don’t blame the OP for throwing his hands up and sending it back.

@Jean-Philippe_Stroeb sorry this event has left a bad taste in your mouth. I hope you find a replacement that works.

Hi Kelly,

Just to clear up some comments:

NUCs are by definition made by Intel. No Asus motherboard inside. There might be other small form factor boxes with an Asus inside, but they are not "NUC"s. Like Kleenex is one specific brand, so is a NUC.

Intel does make motherboards and have done so for decades. In fact, many other motherboard manufacturers actually use their networking chipsets.

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Thanks. I will do some other tests but it’s clear that it’s not the cables (tested CAT5 and CAT6 cables). I’m disappointed because it’s a NUC listed by Roon for core. I don’t blame Roon. It’s the second NUC I purchased and the two were faulty lol :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I am not a tech expert - but if ROCK is based on Linux and there is no drivers how can it than be approved by Roon?


PS: and it seems to be more problems with NUC12

Just because Intel maybe didn’t yet contribute a driver for this NIC to the Linux kernel doesn’t mean that the Linux kernel has no driver for it.

Intel has become quite good at contributing to Linux now that the IT world as we know it is unthinkable without Linux or other free Unix clones, but Linux was going strong for many, many years before most manufacturers even thought about starting to contribute. Until the 2000s most hardware drivers were reverse engineered by Linux hackers by playing with it until it was understood, or the manufacturer had published hardware specs but not a driver. And if we take all drivers into account that the kernel provides, I’d bet it’s still a large majority. That’s why Linux keeps working on older hardware long after manufacturers abandoned it and don’t provide driver updates anymore for, e.g., newer Windows versions

The NIC seems to have been supported by Ubuntu since 2021:

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There is a saying “never touch a running system” :slight_smile: So maybe the time is not ready for a upgrade to NUC12

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It’s always a tightrope. Get the latest and greatest hardware, expose yourself to the latest and greatest bugs and glitches. Previous generation hardware is kinder on the wallet as well.

I think in this case it’s likely just a bad match between a (more generic) driver and a controller that perhaps isn’t Intel’s finest hour?


Ok guys, this afternoon I installed Windows10 on the NUC (it was a mess because I have to reformat the SSD in NTFS). Once installed, the NUC and my router had the green light blinking, but not able to connect to internet. Therefore I can’t update the driver of the Ethernet port. I have a message that Windows does not detect any adapter… Haaaaa!!!
I will update this post once I have an update from Intel.
Thanks for your help

I am getting confused now, why are you suddenly installing Windows? Plus Geoff already mentioned that Windows installation does not have an ethernet driver for a similar NUC:

There is an option during Windows installation to add device drivers. You have to download it from Intel I guess and put in on some drive that you can attach. This is Windows 10 but 11 should be similar:

Or install the driver after the installation, like any other driver

If you’re going to the trouble of installing windows, you may try updating the NVM as I linked to above.

…although it’s possible the NVM only applies to windows…

I have contacted the Intel customer support for help. They want to troubleshoot the network issue using windows software. Probably to update the driver of the Ethernet port in Windows to see if the port is ok or not. I will do everything they want to fix the issue. In case everything goes bad they will send me a new one. In case if it works, I hope it will serve the Roon community in the future.


I see, makes sense :slight_smile: I feel with you

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I was troubleshooting the NUC with the help of Intel Customer Support.
What I have done:

  • I have installed Windows 10 on the NUC (I have to reformat the SSD to NTFS since the previous installation of Roon software has formatted the disk to FAT32. Thanks Google!).
  • once Windows 10 installed, I have updated the driver of the controller using a USB flash drive.
  • after rebooting the NUC, it was immediately connected to the router. Yeeaah!
  • finally I reinstalled Roon software and all is fine.

A happy Roon user :grin:


Interesting. This sounds like it was a firmware update for the NIC? I wonder if that wouldn’t have been possible without having to install Windows? (Dell machines, for instance, can update firmware from the BIOS via a USB stick without any need for Windows. It’s quite common). Anyway, glad that it works, enjoy

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Do you mean you installed Roon for Windows, or do you mean that you overwrote Windows by using the ROCK installer to set up Roon OS and Roon on your NUC?

I overwrite Windows 10

OK thanks. On another point, what do you see for Audio devices on the NUC in Roon’s Settings > Audio screen? Something like this?

Yes something like that