Connection to USB DAC lost after updating Nucleus to Roon 1.8

Deal Support Team,
after updating my Nucleus to Roon 1.8, there is a problem with the connection to my USB DAC (Accuphase DP-430). I cannot select the DAC any more, as it disappeared from the list of Audio Zones, although turned on and activated in the Audio Settings. Only after restart of the Nucleus, it is available again. But after turning off the DAC and turning it on again after a while, the connection is again lost.
Thanks for looking into this.

You aren’t alone, they are aware of an issue.

I found a work around by enabling an additional endpoint on your streamer that doesn’t ever go off, and for whatever reason this meant my USB connected dac doesn’t go away anymore.

Good to see, that we’re not alone. Let’s wait and see. Hope this will get fixed soon.
Kind regards, Markus

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