Constantly having to restart Roon Core and Clear Image Cache

Core Machine

Windows 10; AMD quad core 3.6; 16GB RAM

Network Details

NEtgear 10Gb ethernet switches; all wired

Audio Devices

W4S Dac2, USB connected to Roonbridge on Win 7 machine with wired ethernet to Core.

Windows system audio (for visualizers)

Description of Issue

Issue #1: Roon slows down with ordinary use, including just shuffling Roon Tags, to the point where it will take 10-20 seconds between tracks (and yes, I see that thing where if you skip to the next track within 30 seconds it progresses immediately, but after 30 seconds if you skip to the next track there is the delay); searches and tag focus queries take longer, pages take longer to open, discographies take long to open. All performance degraded.

Only fixed when Roon core is stopped and restarted. Reliably and repeatable.

Issue #2: I use a variety of Windows 10 machines as remotes, to be able to control the audio from various points. Have to clear image cache daily or all I get are black boxes.

This is the same issue that I see others report and there are similar symptoms and temporary remedies. The slowdowns don’t correct themselves after some process is over. Restarting the core software is required. I strongly believe this is a resource leak. When the database has to work on something, there is some hangover, and it never recovers without restarting.

EDIT: To be clear, I am using this thread to track the issue, as perhaps that will be useful for others as well as my own records on how often these actions are needed. It’s not my intent or suggestion to spam the forum with a record of each little problem with Roon, but since this seems to be affecting other users, I thought it would be good to get more specific, and also to just confirm the intervals between these issues.


Update: 5/9/21 at 4:15 PM CT, Roon would not play Tidal tracks until core restarted. Plays fine once done.

Update: 5/10/21 at 8:44 AM CT, had to clear image cache on Windows 10 remote app. All images were black boxes.

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Update: 5/10/21 at 9:47 CT, had to clear image cache on different Windows 10 remote because all IP radio station icons were simply white boxes.

Also, all day yesterday, Roon kept pausing unexplainably. Had to keep pushing play at the end of a track to play the next one.

Update: 5/11/21 at 11:25 AM CT, had to clear image cache on the same Windows 10 remote as the second one referenced above, as all images were black boxes. Additionally, it took at least 20 seconds for all Roon Tags to populate my list of Tags. This was not remedied by clearing the cache but appears to be the slow-down of the core.

Update: cleared image cache on remote to restore images.

5/17/21: cleared image cache on core machine as thumbnails were not showing.

5/20/21 rebooted core; it was acting “flaky” - not showing signal path, indicator light going from amber to gray and back.

(Had not rebooted for a few days because the core machine was off over the weekend and so it didn’t need a heavy use reboot).

Is anyone getting responses from Roon support, or is it just that this support request is not worthy?

5/20: had to clear image cache in Roon core twice today - thumbnails were black although full album images were present. This means having to restart the software twice. Wouldn’t be so annoying if it didn’t take 5 mins to load.

5/21 cleared image cache on Windows 10 remote - no thumbnails or full size cover art or artist images

5/22 rebooted core very sluggish

5/23 7:46 am rebooted core very sluggish

5:23 cleared image cache on Win 10 remote. No thumbnails nor full size.

5/24 9:40 AM had to clear image cache on Win 10 remote. No thumbnails or full size images. Specifically, IP radio stations, although I didn’t check for anything else.

5:24 7:08 PM cleared image cache on Win 10 remote. No thumbnails. Full size images were present.

Hey James, just reiterating what I’ve already said in our private message – we’re waiting on some more feedback from our development team and will update you when we know more, thanks!

OK, thanks, appreciate the response. Let me know if I can help.

I haven’t been restarting the core software the past few days because I’ve only listened to IP radio which isn’t really affected by the slow interface performance. But I have still had to clear the image caches because the images disappear, as per my posts.

5/29: cleared image cache on remote AT DIFFERENT HOUSE, i.e. different network, different core, all still Windows 10 based, all wired. No images available.