Continuously Updates Database Upon Startup

At least 50% of the time I start Roon, I get the message: “The new version of Roon you installed requires a database update.” Once the database update is completed, Roon then operates normally. The library is quite large and the update routine causes a substantial delay upon startup.

Version 1.5, build 360 is installed. I tried selecting the option to; “Ask before downloading any updates.” This did not prevent the frequent database updates.

We are running Roon core on a HP PC and the music files are on a Synology NAS.

Database updates aren’t that frequent; usually with point releases. I note that you’re on the latest version now; have you used Roon regularly lately or started again after a long period of inactivity?

Anyway, in order to help resolve your problem please provide as much information as possible:

Describe Your Setup
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  • What operating system you are running ( Windows 7; OSX 10.9; etc )
  • Basic information about the device you’re using ( MacBook Pro 2011 w 4gb of RAM; HP Envy laptop w i7; etc ).
  • Describe where your music is stored – this includes hard drive description and interface type (USB, Firewire, etc. If you are using a NAS or any other kind of network storage, be sure to include the information requested in the Network section below)
  • Let us know your collection size ( approximate number of tracks )

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If you’re having problems with audio, let us know what you’re using and what you’ve tried. If your DAC is having issues, let us know what model it is, and whether you’re having issues playing out of the speakers on your laptop.

Flag @support when you reply.

Hi @Howard_Frazier,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

The next time this behavior occurs I was hoping for now you could use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link once the database update has completed.

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Thanks for the offer to help figure this out.

I started Roon this morning and again got the database update message. I’ll provide additional details below and a link to the logs is below:

Core: HP all-in-one PC Model: 24B030XT - 8GB RAM, 1 TB hdd, gigabit Ethernet network connectivity
64-bit, Windows 10
Roon Version: 1.5 build 360

Music storage: Synology NAS gigabit Ethernet network connectivity
Library: 175,000 tracks
Version: 1.5 build 360

Thanks, @Howard_Frazier!

I’ll pass the logs along to the team for analysis and I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve received their feedback.

Wow! They must be really busy.

Hi @Howard_Frazier,

Please check your private messages here on the Roon Community site. I sent you a message about 2 weeks ago with an update and next steps. If you’re not able to see the PM please let me know!