Contrast issue on Google Pixel C

Hi @allan
I’m having the same contrast issue on my Google Pixel C. My Samsung tablet is fine though. Anything I can try to fix it?

Roon 1.7 is the first version of Roon to integrate with the color-correction mechanisms of the host operating system. This allows for more accurate color reproduction across all devices, but it seems to have exposed some driver/OS weirdness on some devices (particularly older ones) where it seems like some of these colorspace APIs aren’t working correctly. We’re tracking these issues and trying to figure out workarounds for this behaviour, but we don’t have any of the affected devices in-house, so the most important thing affected users can do is to flag down @support and make sure that you’ve given them thorough information on your affected device (device model, CPU, GPU, OS version, display settings, etc) and work with them to make sure that they have logs from the affected device (this part is super important).

Thanks @allan, I’ll report the issue in a seperate thread.

Hi @Bluebeat,

We’ve recently released Roon 1.7 (Build 521) which includes changes that should improve this behavior. Please give it this a try and let us know how it goes!

You can read the full release notes here:

The Team at Roon Labs

Hi @dylan
Thanks for the heads up. I’ve checked, colors are back to normal. Looking good!

Hi @Bluebeat,

Glad to hear that the latest Roon release helped with this behavior!

I just wanted to double check with you - since updating to the latest build, the saturation appears to be completely normal now?

Are there any images that appear “too bright” in terms of contrast?

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