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I have a client that has had roon installed by us with Control4 integration, back in 2.10.6 you would go into the roon and select, playlist, my playlist and then a playlist to play. after that you could hit play playlist and it would move the scrren to show album art on the left side with the rest of the songs on the right side with a sliding volume accross the botton of the left side of the screen. after updating to 3.1.2 in C4, you now dont get the album art on the left and the rest of the playlist on the right, your stuck in the playlist selection with no way to adjust volume. anyone else having this problem? seems like a bug or driver that needs to be fixed to me???

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Hi @Zach_Lind,

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What kind of controllers are you/the client using? Are you using an Android app/physical touchpanel?Can you please share a screenshot of the behavior you’re describing?

We are aware of an issue with volume controls in the Roon module on OS3, please see the following thread:

We are looking into this issue and the ticket is pending review by the dev team, but I can’t quite comment on a timeline of when it will reach the queue.

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I’m having the identical issue in 3.1.3