Controllers crash can no longer access ROON-nucleus +

Had disabled the “multi composition” of a file that was playing. I hit save and then my desktop APP crashed (MAC OS). My Android phone App just “spins” but never opens Roon.
I rebooted my Nucleus to no effect. I also deleted the desktop app and redownloaded.
When opening Roon desktop App after redownload the App still crashes.
Unbelievable event at beginning of a day off and hopes of lots of music
Please help

I deleted and redownloaded the App on my phone. It opens and displays Roon. It asks me to select an audio zone which is displayed. When I select it the APP just freezes. No functions work and the audio zone is not selected. Just out of the blue this happens. Pretty frustrating

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Hey @thomas_clark1,

I’m so sorry that the issue returned or that a new issue has come up, right when you planned on listening to music … :pleading_face:

I wonder, have you tried to:

  • turn off your Nucleus
  • unplug it for a few minutes
  • plug it back in and turning it on

Do your remotes connect? Can you see the Nucleus on your network? For example, you can use an app like the one below (which is free) to scan the network and see your devices IPs:

I have deleted and redownloaded both Apps on MAC desktop and Android phone.
I have powered down my Nucleus and Router for a few minutes and then rebooted them.

After that when I open the App on my phone Roon opens.
I am then prompted to select an audio zone…which is displayed to select.
When I slect the audio zone the app just freezes.

I then close and reopen the App. I can navigate through music files etc…i can look through artists etc but once again when i try and select an audio Zone the whole thing freezes.

On the MAC desktop side…after all of the above when i attempt to open the desktop app it won’t open it just crashes…I did nothing out of the ordinary today…as mentioned i just disabled multi composition on a file and the app crashed when i saved that change and now here we are

Does this happen on every zone? Try a different one to test.

And support has engaged here (Rebeka) so there was no need to start a duplicate support thread.

good suggestion…valuable…when i select another zone Roon works and plays music through it…very interesting…so now what?

Agree and apologies…admitted victim of my frustrations…Roon and I have had a tumultuous relationship over the past year.
Ill try and do better controlling my emotions moving forward

something up with that zone. When I try to elect it after success in the other zone app again freezes

MAC OS desktop still crashes when attempting to open

Hi Thomas, as you know, I’m not official support.

I may have missed it, only on my mobile atm, but I don’t see what the “affected” audio zone was, so I guess I’d want to start by asking for details in the zone having troubles

Im in Oregon as well and I am also now experiencing app crash issues etc and cannot play music or connect to Nucleus

Rebeka is something going on with Roon servers etc?
seems like a lot of folks having issues now

have a Chord Questest DAC as my primary zone/device that i use

I have powered the Quetest down and back up with no change

Hey @thomas_clark1,

I wanted to assure you that we are here to help. Frustration I believe barely begins to describe how any of us would feel when setting off to listen to music and getting an error instead :sweat: .

Keeping the conversation on one thread is a great way to stay focused on the issue and try to resolve it.

While you might have shared sometime in the past details about the setup and the issue, it would help a lot to have the latest information added on this thread. Do you think you could please share it?

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon Core Machine: nucleus + Files on Qnap NAS

Networking Gear & Setup Details: Eero router, network switch, everything connected via Ethernet cables

Connected Audio Devices: Nas to nucleus> Chord qutest DAC (ROON end point and my primary audio zone)

Number of Tracks in Library: 184000

Description of Issue

Had turned off multicomposition for a track playing.when I saved this change the app crashed. The music kept playing.
I rebooted nucleus and router
I deleted and reinstalled apps on Android phone and Mac os desktop.
Desktop app continues to crash and not reopen.
Android app will access Roon
When I try and choose my Qutest DAC zone the App freezes.
If I choose another zone …one with a B and O speaker it works and plays music.

I powered down my Qutest and powered back up but this did not fix the problem

Mac or desktop will not open.
Android app works but freezes when I try and select my primary zone which is Qutest Dac
2ndary zone with B & O speaker can be selected and will play music

Lastly…working zone is using wifi

Any chance it’s my chord Qutest?

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thank you for the wealth of information :pray: . We appreciate it.

Is there, by any chance, a firmware update for your Chord Qutest?

Don’t think so…I don’t even think it connects to the internet?
Am I wrong?