Controllers crash can no longer access ROON-nucleus +

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thank you for being so collaborative as we’re sorting this out. I wish I would have been more clear than I have — I checked again with our tech team and here’s where my oversight was: the GMS files are on the remote, not the Core.

This being said, could you please:

  1. Make your Mac the active Core (instead of the Nucleus+)
  2. Try to enable the Chord DAC that is connected to Nucleus via Settings → Audio

Thanks again :pray:

(P.S. Noris is unfortunately out this week and I asked for the logs for when he returns; in the meantime, I’m in touch with another one of our teams to help out)

So how do I make the Mac the core?

Also given the following:

When I connected the chord to my MAC it was recognized by ROON. I was then able to select the Chord and play music through.

I also can play Roon through my wireless speaker.

I guess if I make the MAC the core what is the goal with this?
What are we trying to figure out?

It would seem it’s a problem with the chord connection to nucleus via USB.
I’m hoping to find out what does the Roon team think the issue is?

Do they think it is a nucleus issue.

As you know the Roon support process isn’t the most efficient.

I do really appreciate the efforts of all involved but this challenge seems complex so I’d really like to make the troubleshooting count so as not to prolong the process.

So could you give me some insight into what your team is thinking?

What do they hope to figure out from this suggestion of using the IMAC as the core?

Will assume moving core from nucleus to Mac same process as moving it from mac>nucleus?

Now that we know where GMS files are should I delete those as well?

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Yes, please :pray:

Will do thank u

Would u direct me exactly where to find them?

I need some help.
I barely understand any of this.
I’m just not sure how to do what you are asking when u request that I make my MAC the core.

Could you please spell out exactly how to do that?

Also I don’t were to fund the GMS files.

I badly want to do as u are asking with hopes of getting this going but I need much more specific direction
Thank you

I impressed myself bigtime.
I made my mac the core
I found the chord which was connected to nucleus
I selected it and music played through it just fine
So what does this mean now?


Switched back to nucleus
No surprise
Same issues

Fair amount of valuable troubleshooting Over last 2 days
Before the weekend would you let me know where Roon is at as to what might be going on.and possible solutions. I’d like to be a part of the process.
Thank you

I think that this is the issue. See also:

Looks like a way to stop playback and clearing the queue is needed to resolve the issue. If this can’t be done because Roon crashes before you get a chance to do so then using a backup may help?

I haven’t read the entire thread so forgive me if this is off topic but this has happened to me twice.

In short…

I have to unplug my Raspberry Pi in order to get Roon to restart, then plug the Pi back in to get the zone back.

(And “in shorter”, don’t edit anything while you’re playing it. Roon doesn’t like it. :slight_smile: )

(Obviously I don’t know what’s happening technically to Roon, but it really was a simple case of “I was editing something whilst playing it” both times it crashed like this, rather than it being specific to the multi-composition switch. For me, anyway.)

Thanks have unplugged Chord and nucleus multiple times but still can’t select chord without app crashing or freezing on my phone

Holy CRAP!
I had some coffee and finally actually read the post…ITS FIXED the disable multi comp when file was playing was the issue. As thread mentions I found the file and set it back to the Roon preference saved it and boom…i can now select the zone and play through it.
MAN where have you been all my life???
I really appreciate you taking the time. This is so wonderful. Feel I have a new lease on Life!
Thank you Again…cannot say it enough

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Thanks to Blackjack this is fixed.

the culprit-
editing a track while playing.
would hope you could convey this glitch to the developers. It resulted in 48 hours of a down system and lots of time spent on troubleshooting by you and I and others. In the least it seems this should be primary knowledge among folks as yourself moving forward…It will save others not of stress, time, and heartache.

Unfortunately I have to take a moment to, once again, comment on Roon support model. YES! it resulted in a fix…Im very lucky Blackjack took the time to look at my thread (not something Id like to pin hopes of a solution on). I believe if I was able to talk to someone with Roon via web conference or phone this could have been figured out much quicker. Many Roon issues, such as this, are complex and do not lend themselves well to being figured out with the current support model. It can take more than a day for a troubleshooting suggestion to be implemented and results communicated back to you . It is highly inefficient. Tragically so (direct questions go unanswered , the user has no idea what Roon is thinking and is relegated to a passive role of just carrying out troubleshooting suggestions and reporting the answers to then sit and wait for another suggestion sometimes days later).
As you are aware we all are paying a monthly or lifetime fee. Some of us, as with this issue, have paid thousands for a Nucleus. In the least you should implement a direct communication strategy with Nucleus users. Roon is a fantastic product and constantly strives for excellence. My hope is that Roon would apply this Ethos to their support mechanism. For such a complex product it really is a poor system for SOME issues.
I really hope you will convey this feed back and situation to those in your company. To restate I truly believe if I had able to talk this through with an expert live this would have been solved with 30-60 mins.
some things are to complex to be addressed in this current manner.
Thak you again.

I’m not sure that locking support request away from public review is helping at all. As you wrote issues and their solutions might be complex and not every one, even paid support staff, can know everything.


Looks like 164 forum members looked over this and 5 participated in the discussion until some user pointed you in the right direction based on another thread he participated in. I believe that there are cases where a means of looking at a users system via some remote support software are possibly the best/only solution but there also seem to be many / the majority of cases where this is not needed and the cases can very well being handled in a public forum. Please keep in mind that Roon is still a relatively small company. Having the amount of support staff needed to resolve all the cases here on a 1-by-1 basis would kill Roon IMO (10 times more support staff than the rest of the company?). Also all the staff had to know all that was already figured out in past cases and would need specialists with deep knowledge about things not directly related to Roon (the product itself) like different OSes, networks and audio products of various companies - all of which provided by the user and actually (should be) supported by other companies/manufacturers. As many of the forum users naturally already have some or the other expertise on all of this, I believe it is a great and for Roon Labs possibly the only feasible way of supporting their broad user base.
If users could accept this and could try to follow the guidelines, provide complete and thorough information about their system, the issue at hand and the troubleshooting steps they already made could greatly help them to improve the experience.

Note: I worked with support of many different companies so far and the ones who hide away support requests behind locked doors did overall provide the baddest experience. YMMV.

I agree with much of what you say.if not all of it
I also understand there may not be a better way.
That being said
If someone makes a expensive purchase they aren’t unreasonable for expecting a more direct process to assist them when the item isn’t working.

Yes >no one knows everything. Yes the Support system did work but hoping someone takes the time to click on a thread among 100’s doesn’t seem ideal.
It’s highly possible you never would have looked at my thread (I’m so thankful you did) and then this could have gone on for weeks.
This summer I had a problem that took over 2 months to be resolved.

In this instance if I could have interacted with someone its likely it would have resulted in a solution within an hour.
I believe the events that triggered the problem were just lost in the discussion.
In a real time back and forth I could have brought that up for their consideration.

I understand all the challenges but at same time I don’t believe for certain issues anyone would choose the current system as ideal.

I’ve asked straightforward direct questions that go unanswered. The user is not made part of the process and has no idea why something is being suggested or what each step means towards the end goal…

I’ve concluded that most of the Roon folks I’ve dealt with don’t know a ton about troubleshooting beyond the basics. So they exist to convey the customers request to the " folks behind the curtain" and then ferry the next steps back to the user.

So in closing.
I understand your position and I don’t have a great solution
I understand the impossibility of Roon staffing a number of people each day to assist with live troubleshooting
The only suggestion I have for certain issues, particularly if an expensive Nucleus was purchased, is to have someone available
This would limit the frequency of need to speak to someone live.

I know you disagree with my position but I would be surprised if you felt the current system lacks room for improvement

Thank you again for participating in random chance and clicking on my thread and delivering a solution
I will forever be grateful

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