Copy Roon fields and paste in edit fields

Btw, support at Roon is fantastic. Thanks for addressing details.

Anyway, I’ve found I can’t copy and paste when editing fields. Here’s my issue: with classical music, in cases where the Roon data has the text almost right, I’d like to be able to copy it and put it into the blank field where the proper adjustment can be made. For cases of long strings of text this would be invaluable rather than having to type out something like: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 5, in E-flat major, Op. 73 (Emperor).

Is it a Roon thing or is there something else to tweak to enable copying?


As per subject, it’s be useful to be able to copy text from Roon screens eg. If Roon has no data for an album and the user needs to access Google it’d be handy to be able to copy and paste the artist and album names into a browser.

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But for commercial reasons I doubt it’ll happen. Just as you can’t get images out of Roon (as you could in Sooloos).

Doesn’t export capability pretty much enable access to the data already? Even if all that were copyable was artist and album names it’d be useful.


Would be useful

+1 on this.

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Also agree, at least artist name and song/album/work title should be selectable and copyable.
But what I find more annoying than not being able to copy from (parts of) Roon text is not being able to paste artist/composer/song/album/work title into the search field! I can’t think of any good reason for this not being possible, and several for making it possible (if like me you’re interested in World music, or new music from artist not from a country where you’re fluent in the language/familiar with speling of names, being able to copy/pasre from a review/whatever is much more effective than going back and forth from browser page to Roon search).


I agree with all of this. Cut/Copy/Paste is a vital took within Roon. I have something else I’d like to add: If for some reason, Cut/Copy/Paste can’t be added, there is one place where the following substitution would really help – wherever there is an option to accept file, accept Roon or enter your own value, when you select the check box on the enter your own data, it should populate the editable field with whatever info (roon or file) was previously selected. This pre-populating of the editable field would eliminate the need for a lot of Cut/Copy/Paste operations.

Hoping to bring some life to it with a use case…

Filtering Artists to those with no artwork I have 2706 artists I need to go find artwork for. Surely the use case of at least being able to copy the artist name to clipboard to save users having to type same into their browsers is self-evident?

If the concern is over copying content or the GUI doesn’t lend itself to selection and copying could a right click on the artist name or any of their album covers not offer the option to copy artist name to clipboard?

I tend to use this icon to get started:

However, a simply copy mechanism just for artist name / album name would be welcomed.

With 2706 artists to go find artwork for it’d be more than welcomed.

Another simple use case is there are sometimes artists mentioned in biographies and/or reviews, but the artist in question isn’t present in your library… copy and paste into a browser would make short work of being able to do a little more digging online.

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Can you provide a copy and paste function for the search tab so that we can search our files much more easier?

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Moved this to the feature request thread,

Could you be more specific? I can paste into the search box but I don’t recall being able to copy text from any of the Roon Remote views, which is annoying at times.

I’m agree with you, if it’s possible to select the text of roon I can translate it in my language easily with google translate.

Oh how many times I’ve wanted to copy an artist’s name, an album or composition title! Most of the time it is to easily paste a composition’s formal name to other segments in order to maintain consistency and maximize chances for a successful Roon ID.

But, save for a handful of buried text boxes, text cannot be grabbed in Roon.

Please give this consideration. It will keep Roon from being a chore. I realize copyright issues may discourage making everything grabable but surely titles and names don’t matter.



IMO that’s a request that definitely makes a lot of sense. +1

Titles, for example, can be copied by editing, tapping the edit icon, and selecting. (Ctrl-c). Then ignoring the edit!

A bit clunky, but, especially with funny characters, it does the job.


Would be very nice if you could select text and copy to clipboard. I wanted to search an album title in Discogs and had to type the title in.

Would have been much easier to select text in Roon and copy to clipboard


I agree. This has been asked before and the only way I know of is this rather clunky method.


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