Core no longer found after update [Resolved]


I installed Roon for the first time about a week ago. It ran fine until last Saturday, when it stopped working with a message that the core could not be found. After trying all the obvious things (rebooting router, starting everything up in order, etc) I finally uninstalled Roon server on my MacMini bootcamp (Windows 7), uninstalled all the clients on my Mac and Windows machines and reinstalled all from scratch. No go. It still could not find the core. In utter desperation I decided to try a different dedicated Windows 7 PC. It installed fine and clients immediately recognised the core, so I set it all up again from scratch. It worked like a dream yesterday. Today I switched off this dedicated PC for the first time and started again. Utter frustration! waiting for remote core.

The only thing that changed since yesterday apart from restarting the PC was an automatic update. I believe the same update was installed on the MacMini after which it failed to find the core. I do NOT jknow if there is a causal connection.

Both the MacMini and the PC are connected to the router on a LAN. What makes my setup a little special is that I use a separate, dedicated DNS server in the form of a Raspberry Pi used to block advertising (I have no idea whether this can have an impact).

Suggestions would be appreciated.

@support just to get their attention

But you might like to add to your post info based on this

Are your windows firewalls off?

Oops, ignore the above message, just realised I had not enabled the Server to run on startup!

PS. Enabling the server BTW had nothing to do with the problems I had on the MacMini.

Hi Luke, I am confused as to whether you are still having a problem or not. If so, could you restate the issue.

No I do not and thanks for asking. I did waste almost two whole days with the MacMini though and still do not know what caused it (it is otherwise perfectly reachable, just not by Roon). I may have to come back to this in the future though since the present solution is only a stop-gap.