Core not responding because of AVG Antivirus

As the other threats are closed I had to open a new one.

I have the same problem, in my case it is AVG Antivirus and it started maybe a week ago.
Roon server is only starting with deactivated AVG.
It is really no fun to shut down AVG each time I want to use Roon.

@support Any solution for this problem?

Hi @AE67,

Here is an article that outlines what exceptions might need to be made. Hopefully this helps.


All the exception are set, but it did not help.
See the linked thread for a more detailed description of what is happening.

Hi @AE67,

Assuming the issue is the same, did you set an exception for broker-cert.pfx as well?

Its file location is C:\users(username)\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\200001133 for me. You will have to show hidden files and folders active to see it. If AVG allows, you can set an exception for that entire Roon folder to be safe too.


I put Roon and Roon server on the exception list, also all of the roon folders. Nothing did help.
An exception for broker-cert.pfx can not be set, only Apps and whole folders.

I tried adding exceptions as suggestion to no avail. I have since modified my installation of AVG to minimal protection (only include File Shield, Behavior Shield and Web Shield - this worked for me

Hi @AE67,

This is something I found that might be relevant to your situation. Ultimately, if Roon works without AVG, we know there has to be something we can modify to not see Roon as a threat.

Hi @Wes, I tried all these things unfortunatly with no success.
It is not the AVG firewall or virus scanner, it is the ransom ware protection that cause the problem.
And it started two weeks ago. Before AVG and Roon coexists without any problem.
In other threats you can see that other users have the same problem with the ransom ware protection in Avest, starting roughly at the same time.

Hi @AE67,

I’m not sure what you can do then. If the ransomware protection is verifiably causing this issue (not a problem when it’s disabled), then AVG might be able to shed light on a workaround aside from just disabling it. Adding folder exceptions and providing the paths for our files are the only suggestions we have to offer.


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