Core roon 2.0 - pc roon 1.8 incompatible, no access to core via ipad

Roon core is a nucleus+, actually running roon 2.0 (production)
PC with roon installed is a windows 11 pc, roon version running is 1.8 (Stable) and a update to version 2.0 is not possible:

this results in incompatible verions and i cannot use roon anymore. roon nucleus is running and i can access it via ip adress, everything is good with the nucleus. ipad cannot connect to nucleus, update also not possible. what is wrong here?

i need your help and my english is not good, i know.

kind regards

Well the solution was easier and sometimes i think to complicated. i just downloaded the latest version from the software and made a manual installation. Same for the ipad. now roon is working again, but it still looks to me that there are some mistakes in the automatic installing progress at the moment.
sorry for bothering.
kind regards

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