Corrupt DB? [resolved]

@support After having roon stable on my 490,000 track library, 1.3 has become a mess of frustration. Yes, it’s snappier but it doesn’t stay up long enough to be useful. It crashes constantly. I suspect that something is going wrong during the rescan process it always starts again when I restart Roon.

Using mini Mac - 2.5 i5 CPU, 16GB RAM with files stored on a Buffalo NAS.

What do you need to help sort this out?


So, after restarting after a crash, I’m now told that “there was an issue loading my database”. Can you help please?

I’ve dumped the most recent log files into

Hopefully this will help.

500K tracks… On macOS. On an i5. That’s living on the edge. By itself, 1.3 should a a bit more optimised and faster than 1.2, but I’m afraid the (extensive) reanalysis that 1.3 requires is simply too much (was track analysis still running?).

Since you’ve already flagged @support, I’m sure someone will pick you up. Keep in mind it’s a busy time post-release – and it is a weekend.

Given the issue loading your DB I’d recommend restoring a backup and letting it run again. With the hardware you’re running and library size it’s going to take a significant amount of time to complete the analysis that forms part of the upgrade. I’d suggest either throttling the analysis process or setting it to full steam and leaving it alone for a few days…i.e. don’t try play anything.

Yes, I have a backup but it’s not going to complete. The point being that it crashes constantly. Thanks for the guidance. I’ll see what Support has to say.

If you can restore a backup and bring Roon up, I would suggest that you disable audio analysis, for the time being.

Hey @thomasdgray – I’d like to have a look at the logs from your Core right after this happens:

Can you go ahead and crash one more time, then zip up the entire Logs folder from your database (location here) and post a Dropbox link or similar here?

If you don’t have access to Dropbox, let us know and we’ll give you a way to upload logs directly to us.


See my third post above for logfiles. Don’t worry too much about this for now. I’ve used this as an excuse to move to a Windows box. It’s still analysing files but seems much more responsive and performance load seems manageable.

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Let’s flag @support here to follow up and get things working for you. Do not worry about the trial lapsing – I’m sure you’ll be granted some extra time once you’re fully up and running!

I see the problem… @mike needs to look into this

@streamy68 – we dont know if you have the same issue or not, you probably want to open a new topic and post logs too

@thomasdgray – I just sent you a PM. Give it a read and let me know how it goes.

@streamy68@Eric will be following up with you via PM as well.

Thanks guys!