Corrupt itunes file import--is this odd event or a common flaw?

Hi, I am new to Roon, on a trial period to evaluate. Trouble! I imported a new CD into iTunes and when it updated into Roon only 3 out of 12 tracks showed up. Odd. I looked down at the “appearances” albums and found a most strange thing: a greatest hits album of another artist was changed to a oddball various artists album title and the missing tracks from my original import where scattered in this bizarre album, including a merger of four other random albums from other artists which no longer appear under their artist listing. This is a cluster. What is going on here? Did I do something wrong? Is this what I should expect from Roon going forward? Lastly, how to I correct this mess, if it can be corrected at all. Thanks for any insight into this irritating predicament.

Hey John – sorry for the trouble here. Definitely sounds like something has gone wrong here, I’m guessing related to storage.

Can you give us the details of your setup and storage configuration? Have you tried re-scanning from Settings > Storage? Have you restarted your Roon Core?

Let us know the details and we’ll get this right for you. Thanks!

Thanks for responding! Yes, I have rescanned and restarted the application. No change. My setup is as follows:

IMac desktop, 3.3GHZ, Core i5, 8 GB of memory
Running Sierra, V10.12.6
Music library impacted is iTunes (stored on the iMac
which has around 8,000 tracks)

Is this all the info you need?