Cover art in playlist not visible on Android & iOS

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon 1.8 build 764

After 1.8 update the cover art is not visible in playlists neither on Android nor IOS . Phone: Apple 12 Peo Max. And Oneplus Nord. Cover art in playlists visible on tablet and computer but not on phone .
Has Roon removed it or is it a matter of setting ?
Thanx in advance

Hey @patrik_klangerstedt, so sorry we couldn’t get back to you sooner – can you let me know if this is something you’re still seeing in build 783?


Thank you for your response. Nothing has changed. No cover art in playlist on either iPhone or Android. The cover art is on iPad, and Android tablet and computer, but NOT on phones.

Somebody on the team must have noticed that. Couple of friends using different carriers and wifi environments told me the same experience, of loosing the cover art in playlist on their phones.
Please check if this is a matter of changed settings needed to be applied or if this is a persistent bug.
Best regards

Is there any news regarding this problem? Cover art is important when browsing through a playlist, IMO.

Yes, read here:

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