Cover art priority


could you please advise the cover art priority: ie what is the order of priority for Roon to use a file as the main album cover from file?

eg is it cover.jpg>front.jpg>folder.jpg and so on? Is PNG format acceptable and used in priority over JPG or no preference, and so on…

I am currently using Folder.jpg in my source folder along with the music files and also in “art” subfolders but often this is overridden by other jpgs which have priority in the naming sequence, so it would be nice to know what the actual hierarchy is, so I start naming correctly to avoid unnecessary edits later.

I looked up ARTWORK in the knowledge base but I could not find what I am looking for there.




thanks in advance!

I discussed the rules a little in this thread:

We use the largest front cover image available, meaning any image associated with the album that’s includes cover, front, or folder.

Happy to look at some specific examples if you want to share details or upload any media to Dropbox. Hope that helps!

thanks @mike

It’s clear, it’s the highest res file named or containing substrings"folder" “cover” or “front”. I can now work round it!

no need to upload stuff to you, i think.