Crackling on 1.3

After upgrade to 1.3 music cracking, stopping for second every few minutes.
On previous version under the same configuration it wasn’t happen.
Start take much longer. Sometimes I must restart program or server few times because Roon can’t find Core. Frustrating.
I’m start thinking about jRiver…
Roon core on Linux server.

Hi @szczemirek – I split your post out of the other thread, since it wasn’t related.

Can you give us full details of your setup?

Hi Mike,
HP 720T Thin Client with SSD, 8GB memory, separate power supply and with Linux Ubuntu server 16.04 & Roon Server last ver., Singxer SU-1 XMOS XU208 USB Digital Interface. Broadband fibre wired.
Remote: iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini.

Hi @szczemirek ----- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback, both are appreciated! Based on the information you have shared in your report, it sounds like you are suffering from dropouts during playback based on the symptoms you are describing.

We have good documentation about what can cause dropouts and how to troubleshoot them accordingly in our KnowledgeBase here. Can you please give this article a read and let us know what you have tried thus far? Thanks!


Thanks. I’m going to check everything once again but I don’t expect any good experience :nerd_face: because my hardware configuration doesn’t change.
I got good wired broadband with acceptable quality components, properly machine with Linux server, good converter. This is all.
Like I wrote: everything was good with old Roon ver.

This is not a very scientific answer but I’ve gotten some relief from a similar pattern of frequent static bursts by switching my upsampling from pcm x2 / minimum phase to max pcm / linear phase. I wish I’d adjusted one at a time, but I’ve gone about 4 hours now without any static.

Or is library still analyzing the music? Setting/Library - See below Background Analyze Speed…

I have also experienced “crackling”, but overall, I’m not sure this is the same issue. Hopefully a moderator can guide me. I have mostly experienced this issue with playing Internet Radio since the 1.3 update. I haven’t tried other radio stations since I’ve only ever used the same one. This crackling has been non stop since the 1.3 update and renders the stream unlistenable. I have experience the same crackling with a music just once and it was a Tidal album, I believe. Any support for this issue? Running MacBook as core and output right now as my hifi equipment is still boxed up from moving. Getting great speeds from my router so wifi shouldn’t be the problem. I’ve experienced another issue with the wrong tracks playing, but I’ll post that separately.

I deleted the radio station and recreated it. That seems to have solved the crackling for radio. But I haven’t been able to fix the Tidal track which is Ghosts of Beverly Drive by Death Cab for Cutie. Upon further investigation, the crackling is an issue with this entire album. The problem even seems to have gotten worse as playing songs from that album cause Roon to drop the connection to my MacBook Pro as the audio device and stops playback altogether. I checked this album on Tidal and it plays fine (both in the regular and Master versions) so this seems to be a Roon issue.

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Just so that support has your hardware specs, which MacBook, OS? It maybe specific to something in your setup as I can stream both regular and master version to 3 different endpoints with no problem.

As a point of comparison, I am using a Windows10 core. endpoints are squeezebox, win10 and android.

Mid-2010 MacBook Pro, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB or memory, running Sierra 10.12.3