Crackling with Speaker Setup

I solved my previous issues with DAC connection with new drivers. That system is now just wonderful. It is primarily a headphone system, and I started playing with the upsampling features, and really like upsampling to DSD256 to go to my Holo Spring Audio DAC. This DAC is attached directly to my laptop at my office.

I have a small fanless NUC i5 or i7, can’t remember as core, running from a NAS for files, to a microRendu. Works fine, but of course I have to play with it sometime.

Upsampling to DSD256 worked fine, but had too long a lag to start each song. Difference was not that much to use.

I then tried the speaker setup page to boost my left channel, which has some volume issues due to a wall opening near it. It seemed to work well with music, then I did more critical listening and there is clear distortion on the speaker that is boosted 5db.

Anyone have tips to make this work smoothly? Too much for my ultraNUC? Perhaps I try some lower numbers. I could clearly hear the middle of the music moving to the center of the field, it was cool. I need to perhaps get a my next pre-amp with a balance knob.

How much headroom are you using ? Try increasing it.

Perhaps try a lesser gain (cut) for the right channel than a boost for the left. You may be getting into clipping with more gain.

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Just turning on the -3db headroom modifier fixed it. I managed to move the center of my music stage out of the left corner to the center between the speakers.

Thanks again for the quick help.

our rooms and speakers placement limitations are often never ideal. :frowning:

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