Crashes Doing Audio Setup [Fixed in Build 193]

When choosing Device Setup for any endpoint Roon Remote (OS X and iOS) crashes every time.

Running Server on 2012 iMac i7, OS X 10.2. 32GB RAM, 3TB Fusion drive.

Can’t upload a log file or paste as it has too many characters.

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Yep. Same thing here.

Hi @Jeremy_McNally and @Driftwood ----- Thank you for the reports. I will be contacting you both via PM momentarily to grab some logs.


Same for me as well.

Mac Pro (Late 2013)
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3
Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5, 3.7 GHz
64 GB Ram

I placed my zipped log folder in Dropbox:Applications:Roon

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same here, either going into setup audio device on the macbook or remote RAAT Pi

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Me too. Setting up a µRendu. Running RoonServer on iMac. LMK if you need logs.

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Not to beat a dead horse but I’m having the same problem on a brand new MacBook Pro running the new 1.3 version of Roon.

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Same thing @support–Roon crashes whenever you hit device setup since install of 1.3 on OS X 10.12.3. This happens if you try to get to it via settings, or hitting the quick menu from the play bar.

I was trying to hit setup, because Roon (after the 1.3 Update) will no longer output to HQPlayer. Very frustrating!

LMK if there’s anything I can do to help.

Looks like there is a bug, when you choose Device Setup in any Audio-Device the App crashes… Apple iOS, Apple OS X as well…

+1, problem in Mac OS Sierra too

Well, don’t setup any devices then. :slight_smile:

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I am also experiencing the crash when trying to setup an audio device

Same for me with a Creative Soundblaster E5 on USB.

Same here…crashing on audio setup. new install doesn’t fix the problem!

Looks like Eric drew the short straw and has the all night duty, huh?

at least now I know it doesn’t happen just trying to setup a Sonos system :smile:

Experiencing the same on a MBP build 192 as well as iOS build 188. No issues on a windows remote, though.

Same behavior whether I’m changing settings on an existing device or enabling a new one. If you have access to a windows machine running as a remote then try adjusting your settings there. (strike that. Same issue on windows… had a version “mismatch” ;))

Ok, thanks for the reports everyone. We’re standing by to look into this, and we think we see the issue.

Can everyone who is crashing do the following:

  • Please post the details of your setup, especially your Core platform
  • If possible, please zip up the Logs folder from the install that’s crashing (they are in your Roon database folder) and upload them to Dropbox. Paste the Dropbox link in your reply here.

If you don’t have Dropbox or a place to upload them, just flag @support and we’ll let you know how to send them over to us.

Thanks everyone! We’re on it!

same here (on PC). I just downloaded and re-installed the remotes and all is good – except as reported elsewhere I cannot setup an audio device without crashing

Yup +1 crashes to desktop (PC), when setting up Audio Device and selecting Playback. Other than that, great release!

Core is running on my ReadyNAS_516,

Linux ReadyNAS_516 4.1.30.x86_64.1 #1 SMP Wed Nov 30 18:30:35 PST 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux