CRASHES fully W10/64 build 14316 after few minutes of intense changes of content

Continuely crashes whole system after manual changes in ROON or in Music folder. Modern system with NO other problems (IT person). Tidal enabled. Message ALLWAYS about VIDEO MANAGEMENT:
I tried 512, 128, min. of video memory, tried Intel build in graphics or NVIDIA: No effect whatsoever. Also Fast or Normal Analyses no effct.
This is H-O-R-R-O-R!!!
Content offered wonderful, stability sucks!
What a gigantic project. I paid lifetime. So … please … not expansion on cost of stability in the basics.
Keep going: Wolf Heidenreich, Munich, Germany

Hello @Wolf_Heidenreich,

Sorry to hear that you have an issue with Roon. Did I understand your complaint correctly - Roon is crashing your OS after changing ‘Memory for Photos/Artwork’ setting ?

Also would you mind to give us more details about your setup, feel free to use this FAQ topic as a guide.


I note that Wolf is using a Technical Preview build of Windows (14316 Redstone), so on the bleeding edge anyway.

Having said that, I’m running Roon 1.2 on a couple of 14316 builds without crashing. However, these are Roons just working as Control apps. My Roonserver is firmly on Windows 10 Pro build 10586 (i.e. the released and supported version).

Thanks for noticing me in this HUGE teritory of SW development!!!
NEW: after having done most content changes in ROON and set video mem to 128, things seem suddenly quite solid.
Playing was always solid and SUPER in audio quality (absolut hearing, stereo 50k upwards). Keep going!!!