Creating "smart" Focus

Total noob question…so I want to create smart playlists (JRiver terminology) for things like:

Most played
Highest rating
Highest rating in specific genres

From reading this forum it seems like I need to create a new Focus? However, I cant figure out how to additional criteria like rating.

Also, a feature request…I should be able to create a Focus from Artist screen that allows me to select criteria like most played, etc.

Any help is appreciated.

I don’t know jriver but when you save a Focus as a bookmark it’s ‘dynamic’ (or ‘smart’) which is possibly what you’re after?

I dont have Roon here, but there 's a dropdown for rating in the Focus window if I remember correctly.

Playlists are for overhaul in the next release and are asking for input.

In the meantime if you focus in the album screen on a particular genre then choose, most played or rating whichever you want (or both) and bookmark the resulting screen this will be updated as your ratings / plays change.


Hi Tommy,

In the album view, you can select ratings and most played by clicking Focus and those items are on the far left of the window. If you want Ratings in a Genre, just select the Rating and then Genre. Something like this:

As the other guys mentioned, just save these Focuses as a Bookmark, in the top right of the screen. These Bookmarks are “smart” in that they will change as your library changes.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you guys…so there is no rating for individual songs? So I cant make a bookmark for songs with at least 4 stars?

No, ratings are only available by album. You can post a request, if you like, in the Feature Request forum.

Cheers, Greg

Add your voice here perhaps Tommy. Custom track ratings

FYI Roon also use ‘likes’, so like features etc that you read around the site and it all adds up (somewhere in the mysterious secret Roon HQ)

It’s a Lab. Pretty sure they wear white coats.

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The white coats keep the whittling shavings and whiskey stains off their togas.

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You can make a 5 Star rating system with a work around using Tags. Select a track or multiple tracks and use Manage Tags

In the attached screenshot, I have already tagged the selections with my custom tag 5*

In a Focus view, you can filter by that and other tags. For example, the second screenshot is a Focus for
Performer: Radiohead
Tags: 4* or 5*
Year: after 2000

Looks like a reasonable workaround, but what a PITA !

All my FLAC files are tagged from 1 to 5 stars, in half-star steps, by using MediaMonkey.
I understand that this is actually shown in the FLAC file by a % figure.

Isn’t there a way, with Focus, to read that % figure / tag from the file and build a playlist on that ?
I think that’d suit most people’s requests - and then we’re done !