Crossfade option turn off for whole album play

it would be great to add an option to crossfade to turn it off while playing an entire album. thanks.

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Yes I agree. When you are flicking through a library and reacquainting yourself it would be most kind on the ears & space you’re in. To be able to have it off for albums playing through but when you hit forward the crossfade to come in would be great. In settings it wouldn’t hopefully be too difficult to have preferences.

I am a new Roon user and this feature was one of the first things that came to mind:

Quite often I am playing from playlists, and crossfade combined with volume normalization works wonderfully.

But say for example I decide to click on an album and play from beginning to end? Crossfade should have a mode to automatically disable itself in this scenario, so that I can hear the album as the artist intended. The volume normalization has an “album” intelligence, can we add this (perhaps optionally) to the crossfade please?

The logic would be: if I am crossfading between consecutive tracks on an album, do not crossfade. Otherwise, crossfade as normal.

I used Crossfade practically all the time, even for albums and I like the way it is currently setup.

However I can see your point of view on this with regard to albums. Maybe just have a easier way to enable or disable Crossfade on the fly in a more favorable location like next to the Shuffle play while leaving it setup in the same location for the custom Crossfade settings.


anyone else interested in this? I continue to find the lack of this feature frustrating.

I would love this too. Albums that have been created with no gaps between tracks don’t require any crossfading, so it would be great to be able to automatically disable this when sequential album tracks are played.

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Bump for this request. Would be a great feature. No one wants a tightly woven masterpiece (like the Abbey Road B side for example) to be crossfaded.

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+1 for this request. Used to do this in mediamonkey many many years ago. Would love this feature.

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+1 for this feature for me as well.