CrowdFund for Roon Software Help

RoonLabs – do you need to start a Crowd Fund to get help?
So many problems.
Personally I can’t sync with Tidal anymore and I see many similar threads.
I can’t add an artist to a playlist, all within Roon, anymore.
Imagine if RoonLabs could hire a team of top-level developers for a month or two and you could bang through all such problems and issue a truly amazing update.
I’m sure many users (who don’t want to see Roon go belly up) would chip in $10, $20, $50 bucks for the campaign.

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What am I paying the license fee for then?

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Agreed. They just seem so overwhelmed.

So let me get this straight…

You brought your problem to Roon support and their diagnosis is a network-related issue. They’ve asked you to make some changes and even went so far as to locate the manual for your specific router and pointed you to the page to make the change. You admit you don’t have the know-how to make a DNS change in your router, nor do you even own a PC. But you know enough to state unequivocally this is a Roon software problem and the solution is to crowd-source programming.

I understand Roon is heavily dependent on a healthy network. It is certainly frustrating to new users who run into issues like this. I can see that it’s especially frustrating after you have sunk so much money into Roon based on good faith. That truly sucks.

Lashing out at people that are trying to help you isn’t a healthy way to fix a problem, and it won’t fix this one. If you want your problem to get fixed follow the advice Roon Support is giving you.


Not lashing out. Being very polite and also a bit snarky, I’ll admit.
I looked through the router manual, I contacted AT&T and got a cryptic reply. I not going to blunder around in my router settings and take down my whole house’s network and then have to wait for AT&T to straighten out whatever I did. I’m not an IT guy. In the hour or two of free time I have after work I just want to listen to music, not grind my teeth.
And Yes, after all the money I’ve sunk into Roon and a Nucleus, I would truly throw in some more bucks to get things working correctly for everybody. I meant it sincerely because I want to continue the service.
If I have to hire an IT professional to come to my house and troubleshoot this, I suppose I will.
Finally – it is a software issue. It all worked previously. Now it doesn’t. Nothing changed on my end. Same Nucleus. Same router. Nothing touched.

Crowd Fund has been suggested before, without snark.
Even then it came off as seriously insulting.

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Not insulting, but sincere. Support seems way overwhelmed. Where I work if maintenance engineers and architects can’t solve a problem, they get outside support from experts. They do not feel insulted, demeaned, derogated, disparaged (or any other synonym starting with D), but empowered. That was my intent. I fear that with Amazon HiRez coming online, the small community that is Roon could be in danger. And if Amazon is successful, iTunes is sure to follow and they will all ramp up their offerings.
I don’t want to give them any more of my business or money. But I will give it to Roon.

I don’t get it either, or why it worked before and now with the exact same gear and internet service, it doesn’t. Suggests something changed in software.

Maybe that’s the problem with where you work.

You have your own problems and I don’t want to plague you any longer.
Still, consider what you are implying with the title of your thread.

Definitely interested in the problem resolution. Pretty sure it isn’t a Roon problem.


Hi all,

Let’s keep this topic about general discussion of CrowdFunding to support Roon … @Patrick_Hatten has a support topic open for his specific issue issue …

We pay enough to Roon already.

A post was merged into an existing topic: Tidal no longer syncs

A post was merged into an existing topic: Tidal no longer syncs

Patrick, you are having an issue with your network, and you need to address that. I have a Nucleus and it works flawlessly. I used an ipad mini that seems faulty and it is more a problem and anything else. So I use an android device to operate Roon. Pay the money and get someone to help you solve the problem, Roon has offered assistance and you seem to want it all better, without trying. If you are not an IT guy, hire one. I had issues with streaming, it was my system and Roon did all the could to help and I sorted it out without being snarky, what’s the point in that. World is snarky enough, you’re better than that man.
I’m being as kind as I can here Patrick, please don’t slag Roon for issues that are your responsibility.


Hire someone that isn’t Roon. Roon isn’t in the networking business. They are in the software business. While, maybe, there is some error handing that Roon could be better at the workaround that you’ve been provided (change DNS) is a solid one. Go do that. You’re willing to pay Roon to do it. They don’t want to be in that business. Respect that and go pay someone who does actually want to be in that business. Print out what Roon told you and hand it to a GeekSquad person if you have to.

*From a guy who is in the networking business, completely understands how DNS works, had Qobuz fail, took Roon’s advise (change DNS in ROCK), and has not had issue since.


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