Custom Dark Mode Roon 1.8 icons

Here is the solution for everyone, with different designs including the old Roon icon from 1.7 and the new icon for 1.8 (.ico is for Windows / .icns is for macOS). Please let me know if you are unable to download, the link is broken, or if you would like to give me some ideas to make more customized icons:

Password: Roon

New Icon (Roon 1.8):

Some examples of what I did (Roon 1.8 Icon in Dark Mode | Roon 1.8 Square Icon):

What it should look like:

Notice: When replacing the old icons with the modified icons, make sure to restart your computer and/or reboot Roon if you do not notice the icon changes immediately. Also, after any future updates (including Build 756), be sure to save a copy of the icon since Roon will override with the new one.


How about: light mode, light icon. Dark mode, dark icon?

But generally no complaints about the icon on iOS.

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Thanks, Ethan.

Just fun to have the options!


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I have no complaints either over the light version on iOS. I think it looks great!

It would be cool if Roon does what Tidal does for their iOS app, where you can change the app icon in the settings between black and gold.


I couldn’t agree more and thanks for the icons!

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Big thumbs up

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How about making the title bar dark?

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Are you asking if there is a specific way to make it darker or are you asking how I was able to make it dark like that?

Check post above

I would love to know how you made it dark light that and how to do it on my Mac. And thank you for the icons!

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See the post above and thanks!

awesome, thank you!

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Very interested… please post link here when you do so I can find it.

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Thanks for the icons! Regarding the title bar of the Roon window, I run Dark mode in MacOS and Roon is set to Dark mode but it’s title bar remains bright white. Is there anyway to change this?

I would prefer it behave like other MacOS apps.

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Click on the link above this reply

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I believe he’s asking about how to use Roon offline anywhere

I will probably work on it over this weekend.