Custom track ratings

We can rate album with 5 stars (rating) but only the Favourite and Banned for tracks.
I use Itunes for several years and really like the stars rating because it give more flexibility when we create smart playlist. (Bookmark in Roon).

I really like ROON and i’m a new Lifetime subscriber and I was surprise we cannot rate tracks with a 5 stars (rating).

Hope we will get it soon !



I think it’s time to resurrect this feature. Hope your request is approved.

In the meantime, there are some workarounds (search for stars or rating) that work sort of.

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I would take a look here:
(Although it is a little depressing no note that the linked thread was started in 2015, and not one word from Roon on the topic. I would have thought that in four and a half years they could perhaps find the time mention something?)


The first rule of Roon Labs is: read, but never comment on Feature Requests.

They have been known to comment very occasionally, but it’s rarer than hens teeth. :grinning:


The second rule is: ignore! :innocent:

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. In my defense it’s hard to classify 5 years or so unanswered (one way or another) feature requests otherwise…


Room Team, +1 for custom track rating.

I am a lifetime member, you don’t have to count my vote, or even respond.

But we know you are reading this and it’s not a good look with so many posts and no acknowledgement from you at all :slight_smile:

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+1 for Track Ratings. Just make it read-only if you don’t want to modify files. Easy feature to implement.