DACMAGIC 100 Issues via Chromecast Audio

Cant get anything higher than 24/48 to work. Just get a crackle noise. Only using FLAC at the moment.

Maybe the DAC doesn’t accept anything higher via Tosslink? Or am I doing something wrong in Roon? Everything works fine VIA USB SS.

Hello @Tyler_Harder and welcome to the forum.

Maybe you should ask the manufacturer about that?

What else to tell? The CCA works well for me via optical interconnect and mostly 88.2 kHz but also 96 kHz. I don’t use the built in WiFi but a wired network enabled power adapter (from the CCU4K) others from UGREEN.

Others reported issues with WiFi or the quality of the optical plug. As far as I’m aware, the old software/firmware bug is solved since quite some time now. The main thread is this:

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