Day 3 Music Challenge!

OK Music Fans! Here’s Day 3’s Album. Once again, there you have about 9 h left (until 4PM MST I believe) to vote on Day 2. Link here: Day 2 Music Challenge!

The Poll will be open until 4PM MST tomorrow.



  • Yes! This is my JAM!
  • Meh…
  • I don’t get it.

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First a disclaimer:

My Tidal subscription is for the standard sound quality ((320kbps AAC) which Roon calls “low quality” and therefore my assessment of the albums that I listen to via Tidal cannot be trusted due to the excessive ear bleeding caused by listening to AAC files. Just wanted to make that clear.

I listened to this album via Tidal.

Some very nice and relaxed roots reggae featuring real instruments being played by real musicians and not a computer, this is a good thing.

Mishka has a pleasant singing voice and writes pretty good songs with some interesting lyrics, enough so that he stands out in the crowded roots reggae field. Overall a good album to kick back and relax with. Very nice indeed. My choice for top song: “Guy with a Guitar”

A pleasant album with a nice mix of acoustic guitar and melodies. I enjoyed listening to this and my picks are the title track, Long Road and Same Old Changes. Probably deserves another listen, so I’ll be adding to my collection.

Maybe it’s just the day, but this album gave me just what I was looking for this afternoon. Adding to collection.

Nice! Only an hour left to vote!

Interesting. Bluesy, folksy reggae and boot soldering I would have come across if it were not for this thread.

I liked it and will certainly be giving it and some of his other albums a go.