Day 30 (Final!) of the Music Challenge! What Happens Next?

OK Music Lovers! We’re down to the last day and I once again have two albums for you.

First, the last jazz album. This one should be pretty accessible to all, but still enjoyed by the aficionados (If I’m wrong, you can always vote accordingly!). Cole Porter songs are at least vaguely familiar to most of us since they made their way into popular music. Oscar Peterson is a brilliant interpreter of music, and he’s at his best here:


Did you agree?

  • Fantastic! (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Not for me (1 star)

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And finally, to close it all, I’ve selected the Bach Collegium Japan’s interpretation of Mozart’s Requiem. A colleague of mine, a professor at a University, has Mozart’s Requiem playing in the background when his students are in trouble. He thinks it’s funny because it provides a mood of finality. I don’t know if he’s correct, but I appreciate his humour, and I thought that a mood of finality was appropriate to end this challenge.

I picked this specific version because it is well executed and well recorded. But you be the judge:


  • Gorgeous! (5 stars)
  • Meh…(3 stars)
  • Not for me (1 star)

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If you haven’t yet voted on yesterday’s album, give it a shot. It’s surprised a few of you so far! Day 29

So what happens next?

This last challenge will close at 4 PM tomorrow my time (MST). Once it closes, give me a few days to pull together the results. I’ll provide a summary ‘report’ early next week (timing depends only on how long it takes me to run the stats). I hope that I can make it interesting, but we’ll see!

In the meantime, thanks for participating and for all the comments!

Best to all,



You really gave us quite a challenge for the final day.

I voted a 3 for Oscar Petersen, he is a great performer and this record is proof of that.
But unfortunately, the music does not touch me in any way,. In fact I am normaaly would have voted a 1. Actually I feel very frustrated by not understanding/feeling jazz music in general ( a few exceptions confirming the rule). As I doacknowledge Oscar’s abilities and perfomances, I voted a 3.

The second album is just brilliant, the only issue I have is that one needs to be in the right mood to listen to and enjoy it.
I am certainly not a day to day classical listener as such although I have about 400 albums in My collection, most of them symphonies.
So preparing myself to listen to this majestic work, I was definitely not disappointed, and it will be added to My Library permanently.
An well-deserved 5.

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The music on Oscar Petersen Plays the Cole Porter Song Book just didn’t do it for me. I think @anon90297517 sums things up well although more generous in his marking. I too find Jazz more miss than hit and share Dirk’s frustration.

As for the final piece … you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for my verdict.

The verdict: Mozart: Requiem in D Minor. 5*

I like Oscar Peterson, and this Cole Porter album is very well done, rated 5-stars, but I think I prefer the music of Nigerian Market Place better. I did like the rythem section on todays pick, Ray Brown, Ed Thigpen.

I feel like 5-stars for the Mozart Requiem in D Minor also. I like a large variety of music, and you could get the idea tha I am not too critical of different styles. Both these albums seemed to accomplish what they are intended to do.very well.