Day 7 Music Challenge!

OK Music Fans! Day 7 is upon us, and to finish a week of days, have a listen to this one! If you’ve not heard it before, it is likely to surprise (don’t be fooled by the genre tags - in fact I removed them here). For better or worse remains to be seen. :sunglasses:


  • That’s my Groove Holmes! (5 stars)
  • Meh… (3 stars)
  • A license to make me ill (1 star)

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The Day 6 challenge is open for a few more hours here: Day 6

Leave comments below, but do remember to vote!

Always loved the Beastie Boys, especially their instrumentals, really shows how versatile they were as musicians.
Haven’t ever seen this album before either, many thanks for challenging me to listen to it!

Yep this one gets my vote. Love the Beastie Boys and this is something a bit different.

Saw Mix Master Mike do a DJ set once as well - mind blowing. Anyone who can mix Rage Against the Machine into The Beatles gets my vote!

I enjoyed this compilation although I would usually pass by an instrumental-only release. They perform their jazz-funk really well, but overall I think these tracks are better heard with the major releases, as on their own they are all too brief and barely get started. My picks are * Pow* and Eugene’s Lament.

@RHG thanks for pulling this together.

This has some funky tracks!

Don’t forget to vote! Only about 90 minutes left. :sunglasses:

Whoops. My mistake. Wrong day. :grimacing:

Damn - I missed this 1.

10 stars from me here. :grinning: :+1: :rofl: